Proposed Committee Agendas    Subject to Change

Transportation Committee, Howard Yaruss, Chairpersons
Tuesday, November 12, 7:00 PM

1.    46 West 74th Street, ICL (Columbus Avenue.) Request by The Institute for Community Living for a “No Parking” zone in front of 46 West 74th Street.
2.    A plan to identify the 10 most dangerous intersections in our district and protect them using curb
3.    Adding physical barriers West 97th Street and West End Avenue, Cooper Stock Way, to this day-lit spot to ensure that motor vehicles are not able to park there.
4.    Consideration of a “No Parking” zone on Central Park West between 62nd and 63rd Streets.
5.    Discussion of NYCT Pedestrian Turn Warning (PTW) System on buses and a possible alternative.
6.    Follow-up on the October 29 Transportation Forum.

Business & Consumer Issues Committee, Linda Alexander and Christian Cordova, Co-Chairpersons
Wednesday, November 13, 7:00 PM
New application to the SLA for two-year liquor license:

1.    2745 Broadway (West 105th Street) Glenda Sansone – Entity to be formed.
Renewal Unenclosed Sidewalk Cafés:
2.    229 Columbus Avenue (West 70th – 71st Streets.) Renewal application #1186113-DCA to the Department of Consumer Affairs by Flej, Inc., d/b/a Pomodoro for a four-year consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café with 8 tables and 16 seats.
3.    573 Columbus Avenue (West 88th Street.) Renewal application #2054416-DCA to the Department of Consumer Affairs by Bodega 88, LLC, d/b/a Bodega 88, for a four-year consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café with 6 tables and 12 seats.

Preservation Committee, K Karpen and Michele Parker, Co-Chairpersons
Thursday, November 14, 6:30 PM

1.    5 West 63rd Street (Central Park West.) Application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission to legalize a rooftop unit/sound barrier.
2.    344 West 89th Street (Riverside Drive.) Application #LPC-19-41426 to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for a rear yard addition.
3.    4 West 90th Street (Central Park West.) Application #LPC-20-01388 to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for legalization of windows, doors, facade treatment, and the removal of the areaway fence.

Directed by the City Charter mandate that Community Boards review matters prior to consideration by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the Preservation Committee reviews the “appropriateness” of proposed changes to individually designated landmarks as well as to properties listed within the Upper West Side’s Historic Districts.

Parks & Environment Committee will not meet in November.

Land Use Committee, Page Cowley and Seema Reddy, Co-Chairpersons
Joint with Housing Committee, Louisa Craddock and Melissa Rosenberg, Co-Chairpersons
Wednesday, November 20, 6:30 PM
At our Board Office
266-270 West 96th Street (Broadway-West End Avenue.) Application #C200140PPM to the Department of City Planning by NYC Housing & Preservation for the disposition of one city-owned property (Block 1243, Lot 57, the former MTA site) to allow the construction of a 23-story mixed use, mixed income building, as well as community facilities.

Youth, Education and Libraries Committee, Blanche Lawton and Steven Brown, Co-Chairpersons
Thursday, November 21, 6:30 PM

1.    Committee Member Julian Giordano will lead a conversation with The LaGuardia High School Student Government on topics and issues that are important to them and they are dealing with on a daily basis.
2.    Follow up on committee business.

Health & Human Services Committee, Catherine DeLazzero and Sheldon Fine, Co-Chairpersons
Tuesday, November 26, 7:00 PM

1.    Review of Vaping Legislation and Community Programs.
2.    Update on DHS shelter at 237 West 107th Street and formation of a CAB.

Meetings take place at the Community Board office, 250 West 87th Street, unless otherwise indicated. Agendas are subject to change. To confirm committee agendas and meeting locations, call the Board office at (212) 362-4008. Send comments by e-mail to or by fax to (212) 595-9317.
Resolutions adopted at the committee meetings will be reported at the Full Board Meeting on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, beginning at 6:30 PM at Fordham University, 113 West 60th Street (Columbus Avenue.)