Tenant Support Unit

The New York City Tenant Support Unit was created in 2015 to provide assistance to New Yorkers who may be experiencing landlord harassment, are at risk of displacement, or need to make home-related repairs. Tenant Support specialists conduct proactive outreach in select neighborhoods to assist tenants with accessing important City resources, such as free legal assistance.

NYC Tenant Resource Portal
New York City residential tenants can get free housing assistance through the NYC Tenant Resource Portal, which features an eviction prevention tool that provides personalized information to help you stabilize your housing situation.

NYC Tenant Resource Portal

To get free help over the phone from a Public Engagement Unit Tenant Support Specialist, call 311 and ask for the “Tenant Helpline.”

The NYC Tenant Support Unit is a program offered by the NYC Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit (PEU), a City agency that proactively connects New Yorkers to key City services, like housing and healthcare. All assistance is free and available in your language. Visit the PEU website to learn more about the issues and specific programs we can help you access:

NYC Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit