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Agency Payment Process

City Council will assign each discretionary award to a City Agency, which will oversee registration with the Office of the Comptroller and payment for services delivered through the registered contract or grant.

Organizations that have never received funding from the City must enroll in the City’s system of record, the Payee Information Portal.

City agencies typically reach out to newly cleared nonprofits within three weeks of their clearance from MOCS. Please check the Discretionary Award Tracker to find out if your organization’s awards are cleared.

  • If the status is 'Cleared - Contact Contracting Agency', and your contracting agency is DYCD, visit DYCD to complete your contract paperwork.
  • If the status is 'Cleared,' and your contract is with another agency, contact the City agency to get guidance on how to get started.

Expect registration to take at least 30-120 days once you submit the required information to the City agency, depending on the size of the contract or grant and the completeness of your contract package.

Payment can be made based on a registered contract or grant, and only according to the City agency’s fiscal manual. Organizations should review the basic NYC contracting requirements.

In addition, City Council prohibits discretionary awards from being substantially subcontracted, so do not plan to subcontract more than 30% of a discretionary award. Subcontractors are all reviewed by the City Council, this review may add up to an additional 30 days to the registration process for discretionary contracts.