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Capacity Building & Oversight Trainings

Capacity Building & Oversight Trainings
CBO conducts free trainings for nonprofits to strengthen board governance and financial management, legal compliance and contract management. Board members, officers and staff members of nonprofit organizations that have current contracts or grants with the City of New York may participate free of charge.

CBO offers three types of trainings:

NYC Nonprofits Training

We offer a full calendar of half-day topical trainings through the Citywide Training Center. Attendees receive 0.3 Continuing Education Credits. For more information and to register visit NYC Nonprofits Training.

Capacity Building Training for Council Funded Community Partners (May Be Required for Funding)

A nonprofit organization must complete a Capacity Building Training to be eligible for City Council funding if the organization receives more than $10,000 in discretionary funds (cumulatively), and has less than $1 million in City contracts. Training is available online or through a full day, in-person session.

The Capacity Building Training focuses on nonprofit legal compliance, board development, financial management and contracting with New York City, including the City Council discretionary process.

Only nonprofit board members or executive staff members are eligible to receive City Council training credit on behalf of an organization. The individual representative will receive a Certificate of Completion that is proof of compliance with the Council’s training requirement. The Certificate is valid for three fiscal years after completing the training.

The Certificate of Completion is associated with the specific individual. If that individual leaves the organization, the organization must select a new representative to receive certification.

**To register for in-person training, please visit our event page.**

**To register for online training, please follow the instructions below.**

Online training is available at all times, but once you register for a training, you have only thirty (30) days to complete it. The online training typically takes 3-4 hours to complete, but you do not have to complete the training in one sitting. You may start and stop the training at any time during the thirty-day period. When you complete the online training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Instructions for online training registration:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on "Register."

  3. Enter the access code: PWUD-DDRM, and click "Continue."

  4. Enter your name, EIN, login and contact information, then click "submit" at the bottom of the page.

  5. Once you have created your account, you are registered for the training, and a welcome message will appear.

  6. To start exploring the course, click on "Lessons" on the left.

  7. Click on "Module 0: Introductory Module". This module/lesson will introduce you to the course and how to navigate it within the system. Then you can continue through the course.

  8. You must pass all four assessments to receive your training certificate. While taking an assessment, do not stop in the middle or open up the training in another window, or you will automatically fail

  9. When you have completed the course, fill out the Completion Certificate form and **save the certificate that is sent to you by email.** You do not need to email the certificate to MOCS.

  10. If you have any questions about navigating the system, contact

If you have any questions or concerns contact CBO at

For other training and event opportunities around the City, visit the NYC Nonprofits Calendar.