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Complete the Clearance Process

Every nonprofit awarded discretionary funds is subject to City Council’s initial review and clearance, and may also be subject to additional reviews by MOCS and/or DCLA depending on the combined amount of discretionary awards an organization receives from the City Council, and which City agency will be administering the award. 

MOCS Role in Clearing Awards

Every single award must be reflected as cleared by MOCS to move on to the agency payment process. For clarification on what is required for a specific discretionary award visit the award tracker. The clearance of all discretionary awards is reported by MOCS to the Comptroller and City agencies to reflect compliance with legal and City Council requirements.

Discretionary Clearance Requirements:

  • Prequalification
    • CDF Eligibility approved by DCLA (Over $10,000, awards through DCLA only) or
    • Approved HHS Accelerator Prequalification Application (Over $10,000)  
  • Capacity Building Training (Over $10,000)
  • Council Clearance 

The MOCS clearance process covers all of the City Council’s policy requirements and is summarized in this Nonprofit Checklist to Ensure MOCS Clearance of Discretionary Awards.

City Council Clearance

All awards are initially reviewed by the City Council’s Legal Division to ensure that awards are being made for public purposes. To see if the City Council has completed their review of your allocation you may check their online database.

Nonprofits are required to submit the City Council Organization Qualification Application, Conflict of Interest disclosure form, and the Authorization Fillable form to the Council for review. If the organization is new to City Council funding or newly incorporated, the City Council also requires nonprofits to complete and submit the Supplementary Application Form.

Cultural Development Fund Application for DCLA Grantees

Nonprofit cultural organizations that receive discretionary awards through the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) must have applied to DCLA’s Cultural Development Fund (CDF). Organizations that are found by DCLA to be eligible for a CDF award, whether or not a CDF award is received, may receive discretionary funding through DCLA. CDF eligibility, in conjunction with MOCS approval, serves as a prequalification review for discretionary awards through DCLA.

HHS Accelerator Application for Awardees that Receive over $10,000

If an organization receives awards that add up to more than $10,000 in a given year, that are not administered by DCLA, the organization must be prequalified through HHS Accelerator. HHS Accelerator is an online-system operated by the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services to improve the City’s contracting process.

The HHS Accelerator Prequalification Application contains two parts: a Business Application and a Service Application and is available continually at The HHS Application is valid for 3 years, as long as the organization submits proof on an annual basis to HHS Accelerator that they are in good standing with the NYS Charities Bureau and the IRS. After three years, organizations must reapply for prequalification to HHS Accelerator.

If your City Council award status is "Must Submit Prequalification Application," your organization must get prequalified in HHS Accelerator.  Apply now on the HHS Accelerator website.  If you need help getting prequalified, attend training.