The City’s M/WBE Program

The City of New York is committed to encouraging a fair, competitive and diverse business environment, supporting the growth and success of Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) and fostering a procurement process that is accessible to all businesses. The City's M/WBE Program currently comprises several different initiatives including the Local Law 1 program, the OneNYC initiative and the M/WBE Noncompetitive Small Purchase Method. These initiatives were specifically created to increase contracting opportunities and participation among City-certified M/WBEs. The Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS) partners with the Mayor's Office of M/WBEs (OM/WBE) and the Department of Small Business Services (SBS) to administer the program.

The City’s M/WBE Program has increased significantly in just six years. Over 25% of City contract value subject to Local Law 1 was awarded to City-certified M/WBEs in Fiscal 2021. And since the start of the OneNYC M/WBE Program in Fiscal 2015, the City has awarded City-certified M/WBEs approximately $21.4 billion in City contracts.


First big city to standardize costs
More than $600M per year in nonprofit investments by FY21


MOCS Supports M/WBEs

Reaching Program Goals and Promoting Accountability Through Reporting

MOCS publishes reports that detail the City’s contracting with City-certified M/WBEs and progress on Citywide participation goals. Key reports include: Local Law 1 Contracting, Annual OneNYC M/WBE Initiative and M/WBE Noncompetitive Small Purchases. Click the links below to access the reports.


Local Law 1
Local Law 1 captures eligible contracts in Goods, Construction, Professional and Standard Services. The Law establishes specific, data-backed M/WBE utilization goals based on industry and M/WBE categories. In FY 2021, the City realized 25.3% M/WBE utilization in contracting, more than triple the rate from FY 2015. The City continues to diligently work and partner with our City-certified M/WBE firms to help alleviate market disparities and provide necessary goods and services across the City. View additional details on the MWBE Reports page.

Established by Mayor de Blasio in FY 2015, with a current goal of awarding M/WBEs $25B in contracts by FY 2025. This initiative includes M/WBE participation outside the eligible industries captured under Local Law 1. MOCS tracks Citywide progress annually in the OneNYC M/WBE Bulletin. Since FY 2015 through the close of FY 2021, the City has awarded City-certified M/WBEs approximately $21.4 Billion Dollars in City contracts.

M/WBE Noncompetitive Small Purchase Method

City agencies can award contracts of up to $500,000 for goods, professional services, standard services and construction directly to M/WBEs without formal competition using this method. This streamlined process makes it far easier for the City to do business with City-certified M/WBEs. Read more here. Don't miss out! Be ready to receive and respond to these opportunities directed specifically to our City-certified M/WBE businesses by enrolling in PASSPort. Learn more about the M/WBE Small Purchase Method here.


Increasing M/WBE Access to Business Opportunities

Technology Initiatives that Level the Playing Field

New technology platforms like PASSPort, the City’s digital Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal, provide visibility into City contracting opportunities and make it easier for small and community-based organizations to do business with the City of New York. If your business is not yet enrolled in PASSPort, do so now to ensure you are notified of future business opportunities and to participate in the procurement process. Learn more about PASSPort here.

Click here to watch this 15-minute PASSPort Account Creation Workshop video to create a PASSPort account now. The Account Creation One-Page Guide also provides simple step-by-step instructions.

Annual M/WBE Contracting Opportunities

MOCS publishes an annual list of anticipated competitive solicitations for each Mayoral agency that highlights potential opportunities for City-certified M/WBE participation. View the contracting opportunities here.

Advocating for M/WBEs through Legislative Engagement

MOCS collaborates with M/WBEs, community leaders, City agencies and legislators to advocate for legislative and administrative changes that will spur additional M/WBE opportunities.

Supporting City Agencies 

MOCS delivers monthly Citywide M/WBE program trainings for City agencies, in partnership with SBS and OM/WBE, aimed at providing City staff guidance, resources, best practices and policy and program updates.  These trainings enable City staff to better support M/WBEs during the contracting process.