Overview of the Discretionary Award Process for a Nonprofit

Each year the New York City Council awards discretionary funds to nonprofit organizations to meet local needs. To ensure that public trust is maintained, the discretionary process involves three layers of oversight: City Council clearance, MOCS review, and contracting with the City agency designated by Council to pay the nonprofit for community services.

  • Step 1Council Application & Requirements

    • Apply to City Council for Discretionary Funding
    • Submit Doing Business Data Form to MOCS
    • Check if Council adopts award in Schedule C or subsequent transparency resolutions
  • Step 2Complete the Clearance Process

    • City Council clearance
    • HHS Accelerator Prequalification

      Get Prequalified In HHS Accelerator

      • NEW! An approved HHS Accelerator Application is now required for all organizations (excluding DCLA-only recipients)
      • The HHS Accelerator Application can be submitted at any time
      • An approved HHS Accelerator Application also qualifies your organization to compete for Health and Human Service funding
    • Capacity Building Training (Over $10K)
    • Cultural Affairs approval process (for DCLA Grantees)
  • Step 3Discretionary Award Tracker

    • Check the MOCS Award Tracker for clearance status
  • Step 4Agency Payment Process

    • Complete City agency contract package
    • Deliver services and expend funds between July 1 - June 30