Overview of the Discretionary Award Process for a Nonprofit

Each year the New York City Council awards discretionary funds to nonprofit organizations to meet local needs and fill gaps in City agency programs. This discretionary spending is a critical tool in meeting needs in our communities, and is therefore safeguarded by three layers of oversight to ensure the public trust is maintained: City Council, MOCS, and the City agency that is designated by the Council to pay the nonprofit for community services.

  • Step 1Council Application & Requirements

    • Apply to City Council for Discretionary Funding
    • Submit Doing Business Data Form to MOCS
    • Check if Council Adopts Award in Budget Schedule C or Subsequent Transparency Resolution
  • Step 2Complete the Clearance Process

    • City Council Clearance Process
    • HHS Accelerator Prequalification (Over $10K)

      Get Prequalified In HHS Accelerator

      • NEW! An approved HHS Accelerator Application is now required for organizations receiving more than $10,000 in cumulative funding (excluding DCLA funds)
      • The HHS Accelerator Application can be submitted at anytime
      • An approved HHS Accelerator Application also qualifies your organization to compete for Health and Human Service funding
    • Capacity Building Training (Over $10K)
    • Cultural Affairs Approval Process (for DCLA Grantees)
  • Step 3Discretionary Award Tracker

    • Check the MOCS Award Tracker for Clearance Status
  • Step 4Agency Payment Process

    • Complete City Agency Contract Package
    • Deliver Services and Expend Funds Between July 1 - June 30