Discretionary Award Tracker

The Discretionary Tracker is a digital tool to search the status of all City Council Discretionary Awards from the past three fiscal years. The tracker is updated every 4-6 weeks, after City Council votes on transparency resolutions.
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Data as of 6/22/20

The following statuses are reflected in the Award Tracker

Cleared – Contact Contracting Agency

Award has moved from Council Designation to the Contract Registration Process. The City agency administering the award will contact the awardee to begin the contracting process, typically within three weeks.

Create PASSPort Account

New Requirement! Every discretionary awardee with awards cleared in FY21 must have an account in PASSPort, the City's digital Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal. Organizations that are exclusively funded by Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) are exempt. Please visit the PASSPort webpage to begin the account creation process.

Submit HHS Accelerator Application

Every discretionary awardee must be prequalified in HHS Accelerator, the City's financial platform for health and human service contracts. Organizations that are exclusively funded by DCLA are exempt. Please visit the HHS Accelerator webpage to begin the prequalification process.

Complete Capacity Building Training

Awardees that receive more than $10,000 in discretionary funding, but less than $1 million in cumulative City funding, must complete City Council's Capacity Building Training and obtain certification. A Capacity Building Training Certificate is valid for three years and flows with the specific individual that completed the course. Please refer to these instructions to enroll in the online training. 

Pending City Council Clearance

Please contact the City Council Discretionary Unit at discretionary@council.nyc.gov.

Not Approved by DCLA

Please contact the City Council Discretionary Unit at discretionary@council.nyc.gov. Only awardees that are determined to be eligible for the Cultural Development Fund may receive discretionary funding through DCLA.

Submit A Doing Business Data Form

Applicants are required to submit a Doing Business Data Form to the Doing Business Accountability Project at doingbusiness@mocs.nyc.gov. If you have questions about the form, please review the Frequently Asked Questions Document.