About Public Hearings

Contract Awards

Pursuant to Section 326 of the New York City Charter and Section 2-11 of the Procurement Policy Board Rules, City agencies are required to hold Public Hearings on proposed contracts valued in excess of $100,000 that are being awarded by a method other than competitive sealed bidding. All contracts are publicly advertised in The City Record prior to the Hearing affording the public an opportunity to testify on the proposed contract. Testimony must be considered by the Agency after the hearing is concluded and before the Agency makes its final contract award. Draft contracts are available for public review at the office of the respective agency in advance of the hearing.

The MOCS Public Hearings Unit administers and conducts public hearings in an open forum giving the public an opportunity to express their views on proposed city projects and contracts, either positive or negative, before an agency representative so that testimony received will be considered by the agency representative prior to the agency making its final contract award.

For Fiscal Year 2019, 25 contract public hearings were held on 947 contracts in the total amount of $10,347,052,376. In Fiscal Year 2019, 462 people attended the hearings.

Franchise and Concession Review Committee

Franchises are grants of the right to occupy or to use the City's inalienable property, such as streets or parks, to provide a public service, such as telecommunications or transportation. Concessions are grants for the private use of City-owned property, such as food sales or recreational activity, with the City's compensation typically tied to the concessionaire's revenue. The City grants franchises and concessions in accordance with Chapter 14 of the City Charter and the rules proscribed by the Franchise and Concession Review Committee (FCRC). Awards are made in a manner similar to the procurement process, i.e., by using RFPs or competitive sealed bids. MOCS oversees and certifies agency compliance with the applicable laws and regulations for franchises and concessions.
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In-Rem Foreclosure Release Board

The In-Rem Foreclosure Release Board was established by Local Law 16 of 1991. The Board consists of the Mayor, Speaker of the City Council, Corporation Counsel, Commissioner of Finance, and, for any given application pending before the Board for consideration, the President of the Borough in which the property proposed for release is located. The Board is authorized to release the City's interest in property acquired by In-Rem tax foreclosure in accordance with Section 11-424 of the Administrative Code based upon a determination, in it discretion, that such release would be in the best interests of the City.

Real Property Acquisitions and Dispositions

The MOCS Public Hearings Unit administers and conducts public hearings. For Fiscal Year 2019, 24 real property acquisitions and dispositions public hearings were held (outer boroughs as needed, pursuant to Executive Order No. 17) on leases, acquisitions, dispositions and sales of city-owned properties. In Fiscal Year 2019, 163 people attended the hearings and 126 Mayoral Authorizing documents were processed and approved.