2021 Citywide Indicators Reports

Procurement enables direct services to New Yorkers, helps maintain the City’s infrastructure, secures the operation of City government and New York City operations, creates civic services, builds infrastructure, and advances public programs. Procurement consists of a transparent contracting process that provides goods and services in the best interest of the City, and is governed by the Procurement Policy Board (PPB). City procurement offices are responsible for safeguarding taxpayer dollars, ensuring fair treatment for vendors, and leveraging the buying power of the City to achieve public goals.

The Agency Procurement Indicators Report for Fiscal 2021 demonstrates the impact of procurement and provides information on the City’s procurement spending from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. This report provides a view into what the City buys and how we buy it.

Information is published in an easy to navigate and accessible web format. For access to data files, visit the Indicators Appendices.

The FY21 Executive Summary enables convenient summary visuals of Citywide Indicators.