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The City of New York invests billions annually in Client and Community based Services through competitive contracts. These contracts are awarded to providers to deliver a wide range of services such as mental health counseling, workforce training, foster care, after school programs, senior centers, and shelter and housing programs.

HHS Accelerator was launched to simplify and speed the contract process for Client and Community based Services providers. Through a deliberate and collaborative multi year planning process with providers, redundant paper based requirements were removed, processes reengineered, and contract documents standardized allowing the City and providers to focus more on mission critical activities.


How It Works

HHS Accelerator is an online-system designed to improve the City's contracting process. The System provides centralized access to the City's Human Service funding opportunities and the ability to complete financial transactions. There are four major components to HHS Accelerator:

The Document Vault: is a secure, Web-based filing cabinet that enables you to easily store and share documents with the city and other organizations. The Document Vault may be used by any provider of Client and Community-based Services, even those without contracts with the City. Sharing happens within the system and providers control which organizations can see documents and can remove access as necessary.

Prequalification: streamlines the collection of basic documentation into a standard Business and Service application. Prequalification is valid for 3 years.

The Procurement Roadmap: provides a central location where all Health and Human Service RFPs (Request for Proposals) are published. Providers download all documents associated with the RFP, submit proposals, and track award status via the roadmap.

Financials: allows for electronic management of financial transactions. Providers and participating Agencies manage budgets and invoices and track payments in the system. The following New York City Agencies utilize HHS Accelerator to manage contract budgets, invoices, and payments: