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The Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort), a new online portal moves VENDEX online and makes it easier to submit and keep disclosure documents up-to-date. PASSPort will become the primary platform to do business with the City of New York.

PASSPort aims to make procurement easier for both the Agencies and vendors and takes a holistic, streamlined approach which uses process improvement, technology and strong partnerships to achieve success.

PASSPort will be released for use through the following three phases:

Live and in use!
Summer 2017
Enroll and
Manage Accounts

  • Create and manage online accounts
  • Complete vendor and principal questionnaires
  • Enroll in commodities which reflect your organization's capability to do business
  • View and respond to contract-based Performance Evaluations

Live and in use!
Early 2019

Requisition to Pay

  • Easier Catalog Management for Vendors and a Modern Online Shopping Experience for Agencies
  • Streamlined Purchase Orders Sent directly from Agencies to Vendors
  • Standardized Electronic Invoicing Across Agencies

Upcoming Releases
Spring 2020
Compete for Opportunities
and Track Contracts

  • Search for and respond to business opportunities
  • Track progress through procurement lifecycle
  • Track contract negotiations and documentation online
  • Track invoices and payments for work performed off City contracts