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PASSPort is adding new features

PASSPort, the City's digital Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal, is about to roll out new features designed to make the procurement process easier, more transparent and accessible to all businesses.

Developed with and for vendors, along with City agencies, PASSPort leverages technology to address long-standing issues​ and support faster contract approval, more timely registration, and prompt approval of invoices and payment.

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Making it Easier To Do Business

Search Funding Opportunities in PASSPort

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PASSPort Makes Possible

  • Improved service through radical transparency, so vendors can see how the procurement process works, how long it takes and where any particular contract is at any given time.
  • A simpler solicitation process for all contractors, which is especially helpful for new vendors, small businesses, community based nonprofit organizations, and Minority and Women Owned Businesses (M/WBEs).
  • Information sharing among agencies, so contracts can be finalized more quickly.
  • Greater collaboration and support between agencies, and contractors through an online workspace, and ​redesigned business practices.
  • Greater accessibility to City contracting opportunities.
  • More timely registration of contracts and payment of invoices.


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