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PASSPort Overview

The Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort), a new online portal moves VENDEX online and makes it easier to submit and keep disclosure documents up-to-date. PASSPort will become the primary platform to do business with the City of New York.

PASSPort aims to make procurement easier for both the Agencies and vendors and takes a holistic, streamlined approach which uses process improvement, technology and strong partnerships to achieve success.

PASSPort will be available for use through the following three releases. As vendors, you will be able to:

Enroll and Manage Accounts: Image of Pen to paperwork

Live and in use!
Summer 2017
Enroll and
Manage Accounts

  • Create and manage online accounts
  • Complete vendor and principal questionnaires
  • Enroll in commodities which reflect your organization's capability to do business
  • View and respond to contract-based Performance Evaluations

Requistion to Pay: Image of Shopping Cart

Target Date: Early 2019
Requisition to Pay

  • Easier Catalog Management for Vendors and a Modern Online Shopping Experience for Agencies
  • Streamlined Purchase Orders Sent directly from Agencies to Vendors
  • Standardized Electronic Invoicing Across Agencies

Compete for Opportunities and Track Contracts: Image of Feedback Loop

Upcoming Release
Compete for Opportunities
and Track Contracts

  • Search for and respond to business opportunities
  • Track progress through procurement lifecycle
  • Track contract negotiations and documentation online