PASSPort Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is PASSPort?

The Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort) is the City's new, user-friendly, online procurement portal, where vendors and Agencies exchange information to create and manage vendor accounts, submit disclosure information, and complete performance evaluations.

What is the timeline for the implementation of PASSPort?

Release 1 went live August 1, 2017. Release 2 is now Live and in use as of early 2019. Future releases are expected as soon as early 2020. To learn more about upcoming releases, please refer to the PASSPort About/ Go to PASSPort page.

How will PASSPort change procurement?

PASSPort will replace paper-based processes, including VENDEX questionnaires, making it easier to submit and keep disclosure documents up-to-date, relieving administrative burden for anyone who manages NYC contracts. PASSPort features a fast-loading and easy-to-use interface which will become the primary platform for you to do business with the City of New York. You will be able to easily share required information with City Agencies and have access to manage your data online at any time.

How will PASSPort change the VENDEX process?

Disclosure documents (currently paper-based VENDEX forms) should now be submitted online in PASSPort. The Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS) and City Agencies will notify you when it is time to set up accounts and complete your enrollment. At this time, you will submit your disclosures, including vendor and principal questionnaires (replacing the current, paper-based VENDEX forms), to enroll in PASSPort. Once fully enrolled in PASSPort, you will be able to manage your disclosures online at any time.

Will the City accept paper VENDEX packages?

No. You can submit your disclosure information online in PASSPort either for current, or in advance of, future contracting opportunities.

How can I access PASSPort?

To login to PASSPort, each user needs their own NYC.ID. If you do not have a NYC.ID, you can create one by clicking on the "PASSPort Login" button on this website's homepage, then clicking "Login." Below the fields for username and password, click the "Create Account" link. Follow the instructions to create and activate the NYC.ID. Once you have activated the NYC.ID, you will be able to log in to PASSPort and submit a request for a PASSPort vendor account. After the vendor account request is approved, you will be able to submit your disclosure information to the City by completing your vendor enrollment package (vendor and principal questionnaires) in PASSPort.

How do I reset my password?

On the PASSPort login page click "Login", which will navigate you to the NYC.ID login page. From this page, click "Forgot Password" and then follow the prompts to reset your password.

How do I know of tasks I have to complete in PASSPort?

You will receive an email notification from PASSPort if you have a task to complete, i.e. "Account request has been accepted/rejected" or "Performance evaluations have been completed for review by you", etc. You can then log in to PASSPort to view the tasks in the "Open workflow task" and complete follow-up actions as required.

Who from my organization is the 'Vendor admin' for PASSPort?

Each organization is different. For your organization, please identify an individual who will be assigned the "Vendor admin" role for your organization's PASSPort account. The "Vendor admin" will be the person to first log in to PASSPort on behalf of the organization, and create and own the management of your PASSPort account. In addition to the Vendor admin, additional roles (Contributor and Signatory) will be able to access and contribute to the PASSPort account. The Vendor admin adds these users as contacts in PASSPort and assigns the roles.

How many principals and/or officers from my organization need to complete principal questionnaires?

Your organization must complete at least three principal questionnaires in PASSPort. If your organization is a sole proprietorship, or a partnership, or has less than three principals and/or officers, please reach out to the MOCS Help Desk via the "PASSPort Contact Form" page on the PASSPort website to start the exemption process.

How do I sign documents in PASSPort?

PASSPort allows vendors to sign their enrollment packages electronically. Only one signature is required to submit your organization's disclosure information. You must have a "Signatory" role assigned to you to submit an e-signature on behalf of your organization.

Now that PASSPort is live, do vendors still need to use the PIP and CROL?

Vendors are required to use the Payee Information Portal (PIP) and City Record Online (CROL) systems. CROL is a fully searchable database of notices published in the City Record newspaper which includes but is not limited to: public hearings and meetings, public auctions and sales, solicitations and awards and official rules proposed and adopted by city Agencies. PIP enrollment is required for contract payments. While M/WBE self-identification and commodity enrollment have transitioned to PASSPort, all new vendors must enroll in both PASSPort and PIP. FMS and PIP information has been migrated into PASSPort, and will continue to synchronize regularly.

How do I enroll in commodities in PASSPort?

PASSPort uses the same commodity codes [which allow you to indicate what goods/services you can provide to the City] that are in PIP. Vendors will no longer enroll in commodities in PIP. Once your account has been created and approved, you will be able to enroll in commodities in PASSPort. In PASSPort, you will now be required to provide documentation that proves your organizations ability to provide the goods/service, such as a license or certification. When enrolling in commodities, you should select commodities that best reflect your organization's current capacity to deliver goods and/or services.

What support is available to vendors for the implementation of PASSPort?

You should contact the MOCS Help Desk with all PASSPort related questions. You can do this by submitting the web form on the "PASSPort Contact Form" page of the PASSPort website. The Help Desk will be able to answer questions regarding PASSPort training and vendor enrollment and can guide you to additional support resources such as user manuals, quick reference guides and videos.

How can I receive training on PASSPort?

In-person and webinar training is available for vendors. Registration is required, please visit the "PASSPort Training" page to register for the date you want to attend. In addition training materials are available on the "PASSPort Resources" page, which include course guides, step-by-step user manuals, quick reference guides and videos.