PASSPort Frequently Asked Questions

What is PASSPort?

PASSPort is the City of New York's digital procurement system, developed and maintained by the Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS). PASSPort establishes a complete, digital end-to-end process that is transparent, easy to access, paperless and timely. Designed with and for vendors, nonprofit providers and City agencies, PASSPort leverages technology to address long-standing issues and makes it easier to do business with the City of New York. Learn more about key PASSPort features here.

These questions will be updated regularly.  Last updated: June 2020.

Vendor Enrollment & Account Management

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How can I create a PASSPort account for my organization?

Creating a PASSPort account for your organization is a simple, two-step process.  First you need to create a NYC.ID. If you use HHS Accelerator or the Payee Information Portal, you already have a NYC.ID. Once your NYC.ID is created you need to request a PASSPort account for your organization. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the Vendor Account Creation User Manual.

How will I know if a PASSPort account request is Approved?

The individual submitting an account request will receive an email notification from PASSPort that indicates whether the account request has been approved. If it has not been approved, next steps will be provided in the email. Typically account requests are processed in one to two business days. Once the account request is approved, log in to PASSPort to complete the vendor enrollment process.

What is a Vendor Enrollment Package?  How does my business file the vendor enrollment package?

The vendor enrollment package is a series of business questions and disclosures that are completed and submitted online, in the PASSPort system. A vendor must first create a PASSPort account.  Once the Enrollment Package is reviewed and approved, the enrollment status for an organization will be "Filed."  For detailed guidance on submitting an enrollment package please refer to the Vendor Enrollment: A Beginner's Guide to PASSPort User Guide.

How can I let the City know about my business and what goods and services I can deliver?

Enrolling in commodities is a way for vendors to identify the goods and/or services they provide and let the City know that they are ready to do business.  To enroll in commodities, a vendor must first have a PASSPort Account.  To learn more about commodity categories, please reference the NYC Commodity Classification Directory and check out this short video on commodity enrollment in PASSPort.  These resources are available on the Learning to Use PASSPort page, along with section 4 of the Vendor Account Management User Manual.

How can I ensure my team has access to PASSPort?

Access to PASSPort is defined by user "roles."  PASSPort has various user roles that can be assigned by an organization's Vendor Administrator.  An individual user may also have multiple roles. For detailed guidance on the Vendor Administrator role and other available roles, please visit the Learning to Use PASSPort page.

Finding and Responding to Business Opportunities In PASSPort

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What is an RFx?

"RFx" is a PASSPort term that represents the range of City solicitations, including Requests for Information (RFI), Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Invitations to Bid (ITB.)

How do I find contracting opportunities with the City of New York in PASSPort?

PASSPort provides a centralized, digital repository for vendors to identify opportunities to do business with the City through the Public Portal. The Public Portal is searchable by keyword, commodity, agency, program and industry and accessible to any individual with an internet connection. You do not need to have an account in PASSPort to access the Public Portal.

With a PASSPort account, a vendor may also view Browse All RFx which provides additional contracting opportunities to which the vendor may have access based on prequalification lists. To learn more about finding opportunities, please view this Finding RFx video.

How will I know if any changes are made to an RFx in PASSPort?

Agencies update RFx through Addenda issued directly in PASSPort.  All Addenda can be found in the Documents section of the View RFx tab.  If a vendor has an RFx response "In Process," it will receive an email notification from PASSPort that an Addendum was issued.

I have questions about an RFx. Who can I contact?

For vendors that are completing an RFx response "In Process," contact the contracting agency for content clarification through the Discussion with Buyer (i.e., Agency) tab on the left-hand navigation pane.

How do I submit a response in PASSPort?

To respond to an RFx, vendor must have a PASSPort account. Learn more about Account Creation.

Once a vendor has a PASSPort account, it can click on the target RFx through the Public Portal or Browse All RFx tab and it will be directed through the response process.  Please refer to the Learning to Use PASSPort section of the MOCS website for more information on preparing and submitting RFx responses.

How do I know that the City has received my response to an RFx?

Once a vendor has submitted a response, they will see a series of notifications with key details regarding the submission. Additionally, a vendor can confirm submission through its Manage Responses tab, where the Submission Status will update in green to "Submitted".

How do I know if an RFx response was selected for an award?

When a contracting agency completes its review of RFx responses and issues award selections, all proposing vendors will receive an email with a notification that there is an RFx status update available through their PASSPort Account.  Vendors may also check the status of any proposal in their PASSPort Account by directly navigating to the Browse Your RFx and Responses tab, and filtering responses to see all RFx with selections made. 

Will the City's M/WBE-specific contracting opportunities be available in PASSPort?

Yes.  The City's M/WBE Noncompetitive Small Purchase Method will be available through PASSPort. Learn more about the M/WBE Noncompetitive Small Purchase Method here.

Are health and human service RFPs available in PASSPort?

HHS Solicitations, including Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Information (RFIs), are now released through PASSPort! Providers should always check the PASSPort Public Portal to maintain awareness of all upcoming HHS RFPs. Learn more about HHS Providers and PASSPort here.

To respond to HHS Solicitations in PASSPort, providers must:

  1. Have a PASSPort account. To create a PASSPort account, click here.
  2. Have an Approved HHS Prequalification Application.

How does my organization become prequalified to propose on health and human services solicitations?

Organizations must have an Approved HHS PQL Application to propose on human services solicitations. The HHS Prequalification (PQL) Application process has moved from the HHS Accelerator platform to PASSPort. The application process is streamlined and easier than ever to complete! For more information and instructions on completing the HHS PQL Application in PASSPort, watch this informational webinar or read this one page guide.

How does my organization update HHS Prequalification (PQL) filings documentation in PASSPort?

If providers need to update any Filings Documentation in connection with an HHS PQL Application, they can click the Update Application button located at the top of the screen of the application. Upon clicking, a new application is created with a new, unique Application ID. To upload new documentation, go to the Documents Tab and click on the Upload New Version button. Once clicked, the Version # changes from 1 to 2 to reflect an update. Click the Save and Close buttons to finish uploading the new document. Once providers have finished, select the Submit for Review button.

Contract Registration Process

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What contracts will be registered through PASSPort?

Any RFx released in PASSPort will also go through the PASSPort contract registration process once awarded.  Additionally, the Fiscal Year 2021 Cleared City Council Discretionary awards will be processed through PASSPort.  MOCS is working with City contracting agencies to phase in current contracts.  Contracts currently in the registration process will remain outside of PASSPort. Please contact our service desk at for more information.

How can a vendor track the status of a contract in PASSPort, including registration?

PASSPort provides real-time updates on contract registration.  Vendors are able to track the status of a contract through the Award Milestones Tracker – seeing what contracting steps have been completed and what steps are ahead on the path to registration. For more information, download the Award Milestones Tracker One Pager.

I have questions about my contract. Who can I contact?

If your organization has a contract in process, PASSPort has the capability for vendors and agencies to communicate with one another in the Discussion with Buyer (i.e., Agency) tab on the left-hand navigation pane.  

Will City Council Discretionary contracts be processed in PASSPort?

Yes, all City Council Discretionary awards cleared in Fiscal Year 2021 will be processed in PASSPort.  Please check out the Nonprofits Partners webpage for more information on the Discretionary award, clearance and registration process.

Technical Support and Resources

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How can I learn more about PASSPort?  Are there PASSPort trainings for staff?

The Learning to Use PASSPort section of the MOCS website provides a host of materials (e.g., videos, user manuals, quick reference guides) to learn how to use PASSPort. Materials will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest system updates. If you require assistance, feel free to email the MOCS Service Desk at

What software and hardware requirements are needed to use PASSPort?

PASSPort is a web-based application. A desktop or laptop computer with internet access with one of the compatible browsers is all that is required to use PASSPort: Current versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.