Learning to Use PASSPort

Create a PASSPort Account

You must have a PASSPort account to do business with the City of New York. It’s a two-step process and easy to complete.  Follow these directions:

  1. Create NYC.ID here
    a.    Note: if you are using HHS Accelerator or the Payee Information Portal, you already have a NYC.ID, it’s the email you use to log in to these systems
  2. Using your NYC.ID, log in to PASSPort here and submit an account request for your organization

 Once your account is approved, complete the vendor enrollment package in PASSPort.

PASSPort User Materials and Videos

PASSPort is the City of New York’s end-to-end digital procurement platform, managing every stage of the procurement process from vendor sourcing – who we purchase goods and services from (that’s you – the vendor), releasing and responding to solicitations (referred to as “RFx” in the system), and contract award, development, registration and management.  Resources provided below are regularly updated and expanded to support your use of PASSPort at every stage. We offer five different types of materials:

  • User Manuals: Step-by-step instructions with screen shots that walk a user through PASSport system features and functions
  • Quick Guides: Typically, one-page documents that provide key information for a PASSPort feature or function
  • Videos: Recordings of system demonstrations – you are inside the PASSPort system, seeing the screens and functionalities 
  • E-Learning Courses: Self-paced, digital courses with interactive, multimedia elements
  • Webinars: Recordings of online, live training sessions hosted by MOCS for City contractors

Need help or have a question? Submit an inquiry to the MOCS Service Desk!

PASSPort Overview Materials

Learn more about key PASSPort features at a glance here
Video: PASSPort Vendor Awareness
Quick Guide: Navigation for Vendors
Quick Guide: Release 1: Vendor Management
Quick Guide: Release 2: Requisition to Pay
Quick Guide: Release 3: Requisition to Contract Registration

Creating and Managing Vendor Accounts and Enrollment

Vendor Account Creation

Requesting a Vendor PASSPort Account video
Requesting a Vendor PASSPort Account guide

Vendor Enrollment

User Manual: Beginner's Guide to PASSPort
Quick Guide: Completing the Vendor Enrollment Package
Video: Completing the Enrollment Package
Video: Adding an e-Signature to Submit Your Vendor Enrollment Package

Vendor Account and Enrollment Management

User Manual: Vendor Account Management
Quick Guide: Vendor Enrollment Change Request
Quick Guide: Adding Vendor Users and Assigning Roles
Quick Guide: Setup Team for Vendors
Quick Guide: Adding Documents in PASSPort
Guide: Vendor Profile - Updating the CEO Section
Video: Vendor Account Management
Video: Enrolling in Commodities in PASSPort
NYC Commodity Classification Directory (for use when Enrolling in Commodities in PASSPort)

Finding and Responding to RFx (Solicitations)

User Manual: Finding and Responding to RFx
User Manual: HHS Accelerator Prequalification
E-Course: Finding and Responding to RFx
Quick Guide: RFx Vendor Response Authorizations
Quick Guide: Discussion Forum for Vendors
Quick Guide: Subcontractors and Joint Ventures
Quick Guide: LL34 Compliance
Video: Finding RFx
For HHS Providers - Webinar: Finding and Responding to RFx for HHS Providers

For HHS Providers - Quick Guide: HHS Accelerator and PASSPort Need to Know
For M/WBEs - Quick Guide: M/WBE Noncompetitive Small Purchase
For HHS Providers - PASSPort HHS Prequalification Recorded Webinar
For HHS Providers - HHS Prequalification in PASSPort Provider Information Sheet

Contract Development and Registration

E-Course: Contract Development and Registration Process in PASSPort
User Manual:
Contract Registration for Vendors

Guide: Award Milestones Tracker
Quick Guide: Setup Team for Vendors
Video: E-Signature Contracts Using DocuSign

City Council Discretionary Award Contracting

Discretionary Award Clearance Information Sheet
Discretionary Contracting Document Naming Guide
Guide: Award Milestones Tracker
Discretionary Provider Tips for Contracting Success
Completing the Vendor Document Submission Task in PASSPort for City Council Discretionary Contracts

Contract Management

Performance Evaluations

User Manual: Performance Evaluation for Vendors
Quick Guide: Performance Evaluation for Vendors
Video: Reviewing a Performance Evaluation

[coming soon – Amendments and Change Orders]