Learning to Use PASSPort

Create a PASSPort Account

You must have a PASSPort account to do business with the City of New York. It’s a 2-step process and easy to complete. Follow these directions:

  • Create NYC.ID at nyc.gov/passport (please note, if you are using HHS Accelerator or the Payee Information Portal, you already have a NYC.ID).
  • Using NYC.ID, log in to PASSPort and submit account request.

Once your account is approved, complete the vendor enrollment package in PASSPort.


PASSPort Trainings

Trainings for PASSPort will be available via webinar sessions delivered over the internet through WebEx.

Recording: Finding and Responding to an HHS RFx

PASSPort User Manuals and Guides

User materials below are designed to support contractors use of PASSPort at every stage of the procurement process. You can also contact the MOCS Service Desk at any time and a support representative can walk you through the process.

PASSPort Overview

R1: Vendor Management Factsheet
R2: Requisition to Pay Factsheet
R3: Requisition to Contract Registration Factsheet
Job Aid: Navigation for Vendors

Vendor Enrollment

User Manual: Vendor Account Creation
User Manual: Vendor Account Management
User Manual: Beginner's Guide to PASSPort
Job Aid: Vendor Account Creation
Job Aid: Vendor Enrollment for Vendors
Job Aid: Change Request for Vendors
Job Aid: M/WBE Noncompetitive Small Purchase
NYC Commodity Classification Directory
HHS Accelerator and PASSPort Need to Know

Performance Evaluation

User Manual: Performance Evaluation for Vendors
Job Aid: Performance Evaluation for Vendors

Release 3: User Provisioning

Job Aid: Adding Vendor Users and Assigning Roles
Job Aid: RFx Vendor Response Authorizations

Release 3: Finding and Responding to RFx

User Manual: Finding and Responding to RFx for Vendors
E-Course: Finding and Responding to RFx in PASSPort
Job Aid: Setup Team for Vendors
Job Aid: Discussion Forum for Vendors
Job Aid: Subcontractors and Joint Ventures

Release 3: Contract Registration for Vendors

User Manual: Contract Registration for Vendors

Videos (Without Audio)

Vendor Enrollment

Submitting a Vendor Account Request
Vendor Account Management
Adding an e-Signature to Submit Your Enrollment Package
Adding a Contact to your PASSPort Account

Performance Evaluation

Reviewing a Performance Evaluation

Videos (With Audio)

Introduction to the NYC Taxonomy

Enrolling in Commodities in PASSPort Short Video

Vendor Enrollment

NYC ID and Account Creation

  1. Introduction (00.00)
  2. Key Changes (00.39)
  3. Overview NYC ID and Account Creation (03:10)
  4. System Demonstration NYC ID (05.02)
  5. System Demonstration Account Request (07:02)
  6. Resources (10:55)

Completing the Enrollment Package

  1. Introduction (00.00)
  2. Key Changes (00.46)
  3. Process Prerequisite (03.45)
  4. Overview enrollment Process (04:42)
  5. Vendor Status - Definitions (05.51)
  6. System Demonstration (06:30)
  • Log in (06:43)
  • Basic Information (08:09)
  • Contacts (09:28)
  • Disclosures (11:37)
  • Documents (17:18)
  • Signature (19:05)
  7. Resources (20:50)