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Mayor’s Office of Information Privacy

The Mayor’s Office of Information Privacy (MOIP) works to protect the privacy of New Yorkers’ identifying information, while maximizing data sharing across agencies where permitted by law. In doing so, MOIP aims to increase access to and strengthen coordination of services for individuals and families, and to encourage innovative projects throughout the city that advance equity and opportunity. The Office is headed by the City’s Chief Privacy Officer (CPO), who works to strengthen and coordinate responsible citywide data-sharing practices. In collaboration with agencies, the CPO will also work to improve the way the City uses data to inform fair, equitable policies and best practices.

The CPO role was established by Local Law 245 of 2017. Executive Order 34 (2018) places the CPO role within MOIP and establishes a Citywide Privacy Protection Committee within the Office of the Mayor.

Request for Input on Privacy Protection Practices

The CPO is seeking input from stakeholders on how the City can best serve the public's privacy interests while continuing to advance the programs and services that aid New Yorkers every day.

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