Curtains Up NYC - Shuttered Venue Operators Grant application assistance

Curtains Up NYC

    Curtains Up NYC is a City of New York program from MOME and Small Business Services that offers free application assistance for NYC businesses and nonprofits connected to live performance applying for the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program of the federal government. Find out how to apply here.

MOME Debuts


    MOME supersized Music Month to include 40+ events over the course of 6 months, all safe, virtual and free. As always, NY Month Extended Play (NYMMEP) will have something for artists, industry and fans, but with an added urgency in order to support our vital music scene at a time of unprecedented concern. See what's in store at

NYC DOE/MOME Public School Film Festival

PS Film Festival

    The 3rd Annual NYC DOE/MOME Public School Film Festival is open to NYC Dept. of Education middle and high school students of all learning abilities and backgrounds. 20 films will be selected for the festival by a panel of educators and media professionals, and each film selected will receive a certificate of participation. Sign up here.

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NYC Media and Made in NY
NYC Life announces new fall lineup. Learn more about NYC Life.

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