Podcasting Industry

The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment is committed to supporting the growth of the NYC podcasting industry.

Podcast report

In August 2017, MOME released the first-ever comprehensive study of New York City's podcasting industry. Titled "New York City, The Podcasting Capital," the report firmly establishes New York as the epicenter of the burgeoning industry, with more podcasts making New York City their home than any other city. It details recent dramatic gains in the number of podcasts, jobs, listenership, advertising sales, and leased office space. A deep talent pool, and the density of advertising companies, technology firms, and digital media organizations have all helped solidify New York's primacy in the nascent industry.

"New York City, The Podcasting Capital" press release

MOME offers a podcasting workforce development program in partnership with The Made in NY Media Center by IFP. The Podcast Certificate Program is a free, part-time program that teaches New Yorkers the editorial and technical skills to kick-start a full-time career in podcasting.

More information about the program can be found here.