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Alumni Film Festival Celebrates the Work of “Made in NY” Graduates

pa film festival
Graduates of the "Made in NY" PA Training Program gather to share their films. From l to r: Vladimir Piverger (producer), Diana Klein (director of photography), and Sabrina Rodrigues (director of photography). Photo courtesy of BWI.

February 6, 2015 - At the 8th Annual Alumni Film Festival, graduates of the “Made in NY” Production Assistant Training Program were on hand to celebrate their accomplishments with a special screening of the short films and music videos they have created and contributed to since starting their careers in the entertainment industry. Organized by Brooklyn Workforce Innovations (BWI) and held at Littlefield on Degraw Street, this annual event is an opportunity for program graduates to showcase their creative endeavors and network with graduates from other cycles.

pa film festival
Logan Thoreau and Jennifer Mears were among the filmmakers who had the chance to show their work. Photo courtesy of BWI.
An excited audience braved the rain and cold on January 18 to watch more than a dozen projects that featured the work of a “Made in NY” graduate. Introduced by Jason “Rowdy” Rody, the program’s training coordinator, the films featured a range of genres and styles. From cinematographer Sabrina Rodrigues, a Cycle 22 graduate, the world of double-dutch jump roping was explored in Jump In. In the short film Katherine, written and produced by Cycle 31 graduate Logan Thoreau, a woman tries desperately to stay safe.


A PSA video entitled Our Lives Matter was directed by Kiri Laurelle Davis and produced by Jennifer Mears, both graduates of Cycle 31. Harold Williams, who graduated from Cycle 24, produced a short film Deferred about a young man’s struggle to find work.

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