Over the past 12 years, the City of New York's film and television production industry has grown exponentially, along with an exploding and thriving technology sector. The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment is taking a look back to reflect on the initiatives, programs, people and events that have turned "Made in NY" into a local phrase. The 2013 Report, presented by the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, is a 37 page booklet and video series that illustrates how film, television, technology and Broadway are major economic engines for New York City.



The 2013 Report: Book

Divided into 7 chapters, the 2013 Report begins with a look at the film and television landscape in 2002 and the genesis of the "Made in NY" logo. From a scarcity in production to an abundance of shoots, the growth has been remarkable, and the report higlights some of the more memorable "Made in NY" productions. MOME has also made a commitment, over the past 12 years, to increase workforce development and training in the industry, especially for New Yorkers who have no contacts or entryways into these industries. Specifically, the report takes a long look at the "Made in NY" PA Training Program, which has graduated more than 450 New Yorkers, who were previously unemployed or underemployed and now succeeding in their careers.


As production has grown in the City, the office has prioritized creating a harmonious environment between residents and productions. Chapter 4 covers some of these outreach efforts, including industry panels, PSA campaigns, community appreciation screenings and more.

Spotlight on Broadway, the multimedia initiative and permanent Times Square installation that highlights Broadway theatres, is covered in detail in the Report as well. Digital technology and the startup sector are also major priorities of MOME and are focused on in the report. MOME's We Are Made in NY campaign galvanized the startup sector and its website - wearemadeinny.com - highlights local job opportunities in the growing industry and resources for tech companies.

Finally, in the report's last chapter, MOME looks ahead as it outlines its latest plans to position film, television, theatre, and technology for the future.

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The 2013 Report: Video

Hear directly from the individuals responsible for the great gains in film and television, theatre, and technology in NYC over the past 12 years. Stream the 2013 Report, available now.


Open for Business

In 2002, the landscape for film and television production was bleak in NYC. Even the made-for-television movie about New York's previous Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, shot in Toronto. Then Mayor Bloomberg hired Commissioner Katherine Oliver, who created new initiatives and incentives for productions, and the tide began to change.


Growth of an Industry

After years of being overlooked as a location due to misconceptions about cost, logistics, and other production concerns, New York City began to attract production. As productions rolled in so did the production jobs and positive economic impact.


PA Training Program

Through a partnership with Brooklyn Workforce Innovations the City developed the "Made in NY" Production Assistant Training Program to prepare New Yorkers for entry-level jobs on sets and in production offices. Today more than 450 New Yorkers from economically disadvantaged backgrounds have graduated from the program and are working in the industry.


Digital NY

In 2010, Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Oliver hired Rachel Haot as the City's first Chief Digital Officer and created NYC Digital, an agency overseen by the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, that is dedicated to attracting start-ups and technology companies to New York City.