The Film Business Works For New York City

The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment recently created a PSA campaign that highlights local businesses who benefit from Film and Television production. Highlighted businesses include Cafe Grumpy (Brooklyn), Bridge Cleaners (Brooklyn), LeNoble Lumber (Queens), Jamali Gardens (Manhattan), Melba's (Manhattan), and Avid Waste (Bronx). Click below to hear how each small business has benefited from "Made in NY" productions.


Small Businesses are the lifeblood of NYC and provide a huge variety of services to "Made in NY" Productions. Commissioner Julie Menin highlights the benefits of film and tv production to local businesses.

Café Grumpy

Hear from the owner of Café Grumpy about how New York City’s film and television production industry has helped Café Grumpy thrive. Hear their small business story.

Bridge Cleaners

A family business has been pressing and cleaning the film industry’s clothes for decades. Now, more than ever, they are thriving.


Melba's caters their delicious Harlem comfort food to "Made in NY" Productions. Hear their small business story.

LeNoble Lumber

LeNoble Lumber works with production designers and construction departments on "Made in NY" Productions. Hear their small business story.

Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden works with production designers, set decorators and dressers to create beautiful floral arrangements seen in "Made in NY" productions. Hear their small business story.

Avid Waste

Avid Waste works with environmental consultant Earth Angel to clean up after film shoots, make them environmentally friendly and to keep neighborhoods clean. Hear their small business story.