"Made in NY" Discount Card

We are proud to offer the "Made in NY" Discount card as an incentive for filming in New York City. Available to bona fide productions, the card provides discounts and special offers when presented to the more than 1,000 vendors currently participating.
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NY State Film Tax Credits

The New York State Film Production Tax Credit program provides qualifying film and television productions a 30% credit for qualified production expenditures. All eligible productions shot in New York City may qualify for this program. In April 2013 new legislation extended the program through 2019, allocating $420 million per year.
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Location Library

The majority of these City-owned locations are available at no fee; some buildings operated by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) do require a fee. Learn more about DCAS at
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Experienced PA's Available for Hire

The "Made in NY" PA Training Program provides individuals from diverse communities with training for entry-level positions in film production and access to employers in New York City's production industry, and teaches production assistants how to work collaboratively with local communities when they shoot on location throughout the five boroughs.
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Studios and Stages

There are dozens of New York City Soundstages and Studios available to productions shooting in NYC.
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Guilds, Unions and Organizations

The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting works regularly with Guilds, Unions and other Organizations on film and television production throughout the five boroughs. These groups also work with OFTB on educational and employment initiatives.
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Reel Jobs List

Click to view our listing of available jobs and projects in Pre-Production/Production.
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