Heritage Celebrations

Russian Speaking American Community Reception 2019

June 11, 2019

The evening began with remarks by Mayor Bill de Blasio. When expressing admiration to the Russian Speaking American community, Mayor Bill de Blasio said, "This community is represented by so many wonderful people but I think Russian-speaking people have in common no matter which neighborhood you live in, no matter what your profession, which is a deep desire for freedom. You worked very hard for your families, very hard to get to that moment where you  could experience freedom here in the United States of America. What you have done, which to me is so impressive, is that you have brought such skilled talented artists, journalists, scientists, entreprenuers, scholars and athletes from this community that have enriched us in so many ways."

The program also included remarks by honoree Regina Spektor.We give thanks to the Russian American Federation for their partnership in this event.


  • Regina Spektor, Singer-songwriter and pianist


We would like to acknowledge and thank our Sponsor of the Russian Speaking American Community Reception 2019 without whom this event would not be possible:

  • Mount Sinai Health System

Live Entertainment

  • Georgian House Band
    • Dmitri Mart, Keyboard
    • Zaza Bandzeladze, Vocalist
    • Zurab Dudashvili, Drums
    • Giorgi Jorjadze, Cello
  • Alexandre Tseytlin Group
    • Alexandre Tseytlin, Violin
    • Alexey Efimenko, Acoustic Guitar

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