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Free Verse runs poetry workshops in the Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON) waiting rooms that turn wait time into creative time. Born and bred in the South Bronx NeON waiting room five years ago, Free Verse invites community members, professional writers, and probation staff, to read, write, sing and perform on the open mic, and attend dozens of events that inspire, uplift, and empower. Free Verse also produces an annual magazine and provides jobs as writing apprentices and publishes books. All workshops, events, inclusion in the magazine, and book-making are open to the public. The arts are associated with positive criminal justice outcomes and play a role in assisting individuals to find employment. Why? Better writing, speaking, social and critical thinking are important job skills. Come and join us. Our Poet-in-Residence is waiting for you.

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In these pages, the Free Verse poets share hard reality and the determination to keep life moving forward – despite the odds. At Free Verse, we believe the only thing that separates any of us in this world is opportunity.

Read these works. Share them. It’s a start.

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