NeON Photography

Classical Concerts on Steinway Pianos at West 57th Street, SoHo, and Brooklyn Heights

After the success of the commercial shoot of a Steinway Piano, the NeOn participants expressed an interest in seeing these beautiful pianos in action, at Classical Music concerts and events. As a result, several shoots were initiated in the Classical Music salon setting of Park Avenue Pianos concert series. The first of those concerts, hosted by pianists Ronen Segev and Andy Luse, was photographed by NeON photographer Eric McLeod. The images he produced for this music salon are on par with top professional photography agencies.

To get a sense of the impact of an event such as this, immediately after the salon concert, photographer Eric shared the following on his Instagram Page:

“worked so hard to get where I’m at. Got this big exhibit show coming. Working even harder and praying for better days and my prayers are being answered. Time and dedication got me where I’m at right now. Truly Blessed.”

Following Eric’s achievement, Park Avenue Pianos engaged NeON photographers for several other music salons and concerts, including one at a gorgeous SoHo loft, and a performance at Bargemusic in Brooklyn Heights by Pianist Steven Beck (of New York Philharmonic fame). Throughout the concerts and salons, NeOn’s photographers had an opportunity to discuss music and art with numerous performing musicians, learning about the structure of symphonies and sonatas, the ideas behind Bach’s contrapuntal fugues and theme/variation model, and what to listen for in classical music. One of the participants was so inspired with the classical music he had just heard that he took steps to learn piano himself.

“It meets you at whatever level you’re at when you come in,” NeON Photographer Kenneth S. explained in his testimony at City Hall to the Criminal Justice Council: “My favorite experience thus far has been, one minute you’re in a class in Harlem and the next, you have a camera shoved in your hand and you’re photographing the lead pianist for the New York Philharmonic at a private venue on 57th Street. It keeps your wheels turning, to be around creative people, that inspiration is kind of priceless to me, and it definitely has me thinking in terms of how I can take my craft to the next level, and about other skill sets I can apply to my professional life.”