Nonprofit Business Continuity

Nonprofit Business Continuity

Human services nonprofit organizations deliver vital services to our City's communities, including our most vulnerable populations. The City is committed to supporting nonprofits through COVID-19 response and recovery.  To learn more, please see the following resources:

The City's COVID-19 Citywide Information Portal at, offers regularly updated public health information (including when to stay home, self-monitor and get tested) and best practices for maintaining a safe workplace.

The City is Committed to Fiscal Year 21 Business Continuity
The City’s commitment to nonprofit business continuity in FY21 includes implementation of crucial cashflow measures and flexibility and standardization of the contracting process through a number of initiatives.

NEW! HHS Invoice Review Policy

Effective January 1, 2021 a new policy and practice for invoice review will be instated for Health and Human Service Contracts. Through a collaborative effort between nonprofits, City agencies, MOCS and OMB, this new policy is designed to standardize practice, create predictability and minimize payment delays.
Standard Health and Human Service Invoice Review Policy
Equipment Purchase Inventory Report Template
Standard Invoice Review Policy Technical Assistance Webinar 12/18/2020