Indirect Entryway Choice Form

Indirect Entryway Choice Form

The Entryway form below is the first step in the process for claiming your Established Indirect Cost Rate (ICR). The Entryway Form must only be submitted once per organization and should be prepared by the Executive Director or Chief Financial Officer.

In February 2019, the City of New York adopted the Health and Human Services (HHS) Cost Policies and Procedures Manual (Cost Manual) to standardize cost allocation practices for health and human service providers contracting with the City. The Fiscal Year 20 Adopted Budget established an indirect cost rate funding initiative based on the Cost Manual. The Mayor's Office of Management and Budget and Mayor's Office of Contract Services formed a City Implementation Team (CIT) to design the implementation and roll-out of the indirect initiative and established a Provider Work Group to advise them. The Cost Manual has been updated to reflect the indirect funding initiative implementation. All capitalized terms herein are defined in the Cost Manual, which we recommend reading before taking next steps.

Once a Provider has an Established Indirect Cost Rate (ICR), the CIT has designed a centralized process for claiming that ICR and Indirect Cost funding for eligible Contracts. The Entryway form below is the first step in this process.

For more information about the Indirect Cost Rate Funding Initiative, including the claiming process and timeline, please read the Cost Manual and visit the Indirect Investment Webpage. You may also contact us for assistance at

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