City Council Discretionary Funding

City Council Discretionary Funding

Discretionary Funding Information

The New York City Council awards discretionary funding every year to nonprofit organizations providing community-based services. Organizations can apply for discretionary funding through the Council application.

To learn more about the Council discretionary award process, please see the City Council's Discretionary Policies and Procedures.

Organizations that have received awards can review their status on the Discretionary Award Tracker. Review this checklist to learn how you can support timely processing of your award(s).

Organizations receiving more than $10,000 in cumulative awards may be required to be prequalified in HHS Accelerator and complete a capacity building training.

Capacity Building Training

The Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS) offers an in-person and web-based training that provides information on nonprofit legal compliances, board development, internal controls, financial management, and contracting with NYC.

The online training is available at all times, but once you register for the training, you have only 30 days to complete it. The training typically takes three to four hours to complete, but you do not have to complete the training in one sitting. You may start and stop the training at any time during the thirty-day period. Sign up for the online training on the E-learning portal for the Capacity Building Course. If you prefer to take training in person you can see upcoming trainings on the Calendar.

Learn more about the discretionary award clearance process and Capacity Building Training registration through the MOCS website.

Capital Projects

Each year, during the budget process, members of the City Council assign discretionary funds to nonprofit organizations' capital projects (such as construction and equipment purchases). To apply for capital discretionary funding, visit CapGrants.