Health & Human Services

Health and Human Services Funding

To compete for City contracts and receive funding to provide health and human services, organizations must first be prequalified in HHS Accelerator. HHS Accelerator is an online system designed to improve the City's procurement process by providing centralized access to the City's human service funding opportunities and the ability to complete financial transactions.

Follow these four steps to compete for contracts and manage proposals:

  1. Register for NYC.ID: Establishing an HHS Accelerator account is a two-step process that requires you first to create a NYC.ID using a valid email address and then request an account using your newly created NYC.ID credentials. You can use your NYC.ID username and password to log into multiple City systems, including PASSPort and HHS Accelerator.
  2. Create an HHS Accelerator Account: Once you receive confirmation of your NYC.ID, log into HHS Accelerator to request an account for the organization. For assistance with this process, refer to these helpful guides:
  3. Complete the HHS Prequalification Accelerator Application: The Prequalification application consists of a complete Business Application and at least one Service Application. Read these guides for step-by-step instructions:
  4. Propose to a Request for Proposal: Once the City approves a Business and at least one Service Application, view the HHS Accelerator System's Procurement Roadmap to review released and planned RFPs and view the organization's eligibility status.