Legal Compliance

Learn About NYS Charities and IRS Requirements

New York State (NYS) law requires that all nonprofit organizations with assets and activities in NYS and/or nonprofits that solicit contributions in NYS register with the NYS Charities Bureau (with some exceptions).  Nonprofit organizations are also required to be in compliance with Federal laws governed by the Internal Revenue Service.

If your organization needs to register for the first time, **fill out a** CHAR410 . Check the Charities Bureau registry to determine if you are already registered.

After your organization is registered with the Charities Bureau, it must file an annual report called a CHAR500. This is different from the IRS 990, which must be filed annually with the IRS.

In order to receive a NYC contract, your organization must be current with its Charities Bureau filings. After you submit your filing to the Bureau, upload it to HHS Accelerator to remain in compliance with the City's requirement.

Great news! No more extension requests!

There is now one deadline for your annual filing and you don't need to request an extension to get it. If you are current with your filings, submit your CHAR500 on the due date listed on this chart.

For example, if your fiscal year ends on June 30, 2015 and you are a dual filer who has diligently submitted timely filings every year, you can submit your filing on May 15, 2016 without requesting an extension. 

Visit the NYS Charities Bureau for More Information

The table provided in the link presents due dates of annual returns (Forms 990, 990-EZ, 990-PF, or 990-BL) that a tax-exempt organization must file.

IRS Filing Information

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