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The resources below will guide your organization in raising its profile. Whether your goal is to raise money, expand services, or recruit volunteers, these tools will help you develop your outreach strategy. The key is choosing the right strategy to reach the audience you want to reach.

Digital media is a popular and inexpensive way for nonprofits to market themselves online, and increase the visibility of their services, membership, events, and volunteer opportunities. Digital media comes in many forms, including websites, videos, social media, online publishing, and virtual tours. There are many advantages to using digital media, such as spreading your message quickly and inexpensively, building a community of supporters, finding and engaging influencers, and reaching new populations.

Best Practices for Digital Media Outreach

  • Assess Current Effectiveness of Current Outreach: Nonprofits should closely examine their current usage and strategies, including their audience demographics, type of content disseminated, website analytics, and frequency of communication.
  • Narrow Constituent Focus: Identify your digital constituent base. Most digital media audiences have a constituent base of millennials, who are 25-34 years old, and while other groups should not be ignored, this is the main target population for digital outreach.
  • Set Goals: It is important for your organization to set clear, measurable goals and objectives for its digital and social media plan. Examples of goals range from increasing donations by 25 percent to increasing volunteers by 20 percent.
  • Know the Best Times to Publish: There are certain periods of time in the day when users are most active, and nonprofits should incorporate this into their plans. According to blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn users are most active Monday thru Thursday, between 1 and 3 PM.
  • Learn about oureach strategies for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Online Resources and Videos

The following videos and resources provide guidelines for how nonprofit organizations can use digital media to increase funding and gain supporters:

Digital Media Case Studies

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