Reducing Costs of Goods and Services

Since New York City is home to a vibrant and expansive nonprofit sector, the City has created a membership opportunity in Essensa, a group purchasing organization. Membership is free for all NYC nonprofits and provides access to discounts on a wide range of goods and services. 


Essensa uses the total purchasing volume of all of its members to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. Lower prices are passed on to members without requirements for minimum purchases or fees to join. Savings may be allocated to service delivery and participating nonprofits will also benefit from improved operating efficiencies. More than 800 nonprofits are already Essensa members and were able to save approximately $5 million in 2014 through their Essensa purchases.


Many nonprofit members have noted savings:

  • $36,000 savings on Staples office supplies - homeless services organization
  • $50/month lease savings through Xerox - business/community development corporation
  • $10,000 savings on new copiers - cultural institution


In addition to savings, Essensa will aid your organization in fulfilling its City contract requirements. Buying through Essensa fulfills the requirement of competitive procurements for goods and services. If your contract requires you to switch from styrofoam products to more sustainable options, Essensa can find you the best products at the best prices.


For more information, visit the Essensa website or call (866) 430-5300.