Policy Toolkit

The City of New York is a global leader in the fight against the climate crisis. As part of this work, we are dedicated to sharing best practices with other local governments to develop policies and programs to support global climate action.

Program Planning and Administration

The High Performance Building – Program Toolkit offers resources to help other cities increase adoption of energy efficient building strategies and technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create local jobs, save residents money, and enhance quality of life.

Our toolkit for policymakers analyzes the work it took to get the NYC Accelerator program off the ground, and also includes information on:

  • how the program was designed to fit local policy and market contexts
  • how governance and partnerships were structured to make the program responsive to local needs and diverse stakeholders
  • how goals, metrics, and reporting mechanisms were established to ensure that feedback and accountability were built into the program's backbone
  • a full compilation of the tools developed to support building decision-makers complete energy saving projects.