Whether you're a building owner, board member, property manager, superintendent, or contractor, the NYC Accelerator's Training Resources will help you connect to a training that fits your needs.

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Free Building Operator Training

The NYC Building Operator Training is a 30-hour training for supers, operators, and maintenance staff working in multifamily residential buildings. The training includes an overview of critical building systems with an emphasis on preventative maintenance, energy efficiency, health and safety.

Course Covers

  • Building systems, including heating, electrical, and water systems
  • Preventative maintenance of equipment
  • Best practice energy efficiency measures
  • Safety, compliance, and emergency management

Courses are offered at no cost at locations throughout New York City. Course curriculum materials are provided in Spanish and English.

This program is an initiative of the NYC Department of Small Business Services and the NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability, in partnership with The City University of New York Building Performance Lab.

Green Professionals Building Skills Training (GPRO)

GPRO is a certificate program offered by the Urban Green Council that teaches people who build, renovate, and maintain buildings the tools to integrate high-performance construction and maintenance practices into their everyday work.

Courses Offered

Training Partners

Additional trainings are offered by the following local providers in New York City:

The 32BJ Green Building Training Program. This program is offered through the 32BJ Training Fund, part of the local 32BJ chapter of the Service Employees International Union (32BJ SEIU). The program offers a range of course options from those developed by 32BJ to other courses that teach to industry certifications. The 32BJ Training Fund offers these courses at no cost to members whose employers contribute to the fund.

Association for Energy Affordability (AEA). AEA's education encompasses both formal and informal training offerings, including certification training, multifamily weatherization training, and related courses delivered on-site and via its Distance Learning Network. AEA offers more than 50 courses for building performance professionals, energy efficiency and technical and program staff, installers, weatherization workers, and job seekers in green industries.

The Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex). BE-Ex is the education and information hub of the NYC Accelerator. BE-Ex is a non-profit organization created by the City of New York that provides support for the building industry through energy and lighting efficiency education, topical events, technical exhibits, research, and networking opportunities.

City University of New York Building Performance Lab (CUNY BPL). CUNY's Building Performance Lab works to advance high-performance building operations through training, workforce development, and research. They are a leading provider of Building Operator Certification and offer a wide range of other training programs.

City University of New York (CUNY). In addition to the Building Performance Lab, CUNY offers courses at its campuses citywide on a wide array of topics related to energy efficiency, renewables, and building operations and maintenance. LaGuardia Community College may have relevant course offerings. For up-to-date course listings citywide, please see the CUNY Course Catalog

Green Jobs Training Center. The Green Jobs Training Center provides training courses and expertise in building sciences, health and safety, energy efficiency, state utility programs for residential and commercial buildings, renewable energy, and more. They also offer courses and coaching to educate workers as green job candidates.

The Local 94 Training Fund. This training fund provides all Local 94 members with optional courses on topics including energy conservation, green building, and high efficiency low-pressure boilers. The Local 94 Training Fund is available at no cost to members whose employers contribute to the fund.

Solar One. Solar One is a New York City-based nonprofit that offers programs promoting urban sustainability and education. Solar One's Green Workforce Training Program offers green technical training and industry-recognized training programs and certification courses for green building operations and maintenance and energy efficiency.

Urban Green Council (UGC). UGC is the New York City affiliate of the U.S. Green Building Council. UGC offers a range of training opportunities, including their popular Green Professionals training course, which is a 14-hour practical introduction to green building operations for building operators and managers that includes a certificate exam. Visit UGC's Education page for other training opportunities.