Renewable Energy

Installing renewable energy sources and other equipment that can produce energy on-site can reduce a building's reliance on fossil fuels. It can also provide a power supply that is more reliable during emergencies, like a blackout.

Solar Photovoltaic

Systems that convert sunlight into electricity are known as solar photovoltaic (PV) systems or solar panels. Installing solar PV reduces the need to purchase electricity from a utility, and any excess electricity produced can be credited to a building's utility bill.

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Solarize programs: These help potential solar customers use group purchasing power to reduce installation prices by up to 10 to 20 percent. Two options in New York City include the NYC Solar Partnership's Solarize NYC program and Solar One's Here Comes Solar program.

Community-shared solar programs: For building owners and renters without adequate roof space for solar PV, these programs offer subscriptions to portions of a large solar array located on- or off-site at another building. The Shared Solar NYC program offers this for building owners and multifamily renters.

Solar Thermal

Solar hot water heaters, also known as solar thermal systems, use the sun's energy to heat water for use within a building. These systems are typically connected to an existing hot water system to provide between 25–80 percent of a building's hot water needs. Learn more about solar thermal pump systems.

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Solar Photovoltaics & Batteries

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