Photo of Queens

Way to Save Energy & Water

Explore ways to improve efficiency in your building, enhance occupant comfort, and save energy and money.

  • A city street covered in snow Heating

    Update old systems to reduce overheating and quiet noisy pipes

  • Facade of a building with iron fire escapes Air Sealing & Insulation

    Keep out the cold and keep tenants comfortable

  • Facade of a building with outdoor terraces, many including tables and chairs Lighting

    Add timers, sensors and LED for a quick payback

  • Water tower on top of a building Water

    Save big with water upgrades for multifamily buildings

  • Facade of a building with heat pumps Heat Pumps

    With no on-site combustion, heat pumps provide heating and cooling

  • Facade of a building with window AC systems Cooling

    Identify opportunities to improve system performance

  • Solar panels on a rooftop Renewable Energy

    Renewable energy options for NYC

  • View looking up towards to roof of a building Technology Primers

    Browse our library of High-Performance Technology Primers

Access free and low-cost training programs

Building owners can save 5 to 20 percent annually on their energy bills by implementing Operation and Maintenance (O&M) best practices. Sign-up for a training today to learn new skills and improve building efficiency.

Understand your building's emissions

You can't manage what you don't measure. In order to save on energy and water costs, start by understanding how much you spend on water and energy.

  • Energy & Water Performance Map
    This tool helps users visualize annual energy and water consumption (as disclosed through Local Law 84) and compare performance data across roughly 23,000 NYC private sector buildings.

  • GHG Emission Calculator
    Already know your annual energy and water bills? This tool estimates a building's carbon budget as prescribed in NYC Local Law 97.