Coordinated Assessment & Placement System (CAPS)

Coordinated Entry is a requirement for all CoCs nationwide to streamline the way people move from homelessness into permanent housing, ensuring the most vulnerable are prioritized for scarce resources. It requires each CoC to look at their system as a whole, rather than program by program. 

In NYC, the CoC developed the Coordinated Assessment and Placement System, or CAPS. CAPS development is an iterative process, relying on the existing network of committed advocates, shelters, drop in centers, street outreach teams, housing providers, government agencies, tenants of HUD funded housing, and advocates to inform and shape this community-wide systems change.

The CAPS Steering Committee, a sub-committee of the CoC, is comprised of key stakeholders across NYC’s homeless and housing services. They meet monthly to review, evaluate and refine CAPS development and expansion. 

2019 NYC CAPS Policy & Procedure Manual (PDF) The CAPS Policy & Procedure Manual was approved by the NYC CCoC Steering Committee on August 16th.  The revised manual is now streamlined to improve the assessment, prioritization, housing matching and placement system for homeless and at-risk households within the NYC CoC geographic region. 

CAPS Webinar link In March of 2018, key CAPS stakeholders hosted a webinar explaining the components and timeline for CAPS development and implementation. 

SVA Criteria Fact Sheet (PDF) In May of 2019, hundreds of stakeholders approved additional criteria to add to the existing Standardized Vulnerability Assessment (SVA).

SVA Training (PDF) This training explains how the SVA works, where the information comes from and how to understand it. 

NY/NY III Populations and Placement Entities (PDF) A comprehensive list of the nine NY/NY III populations and the placement entities.

NYC CAPS Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) In Fall of 2018, the NYC CoC developed the following FAQ to help the broader NYC continuum better understand CAPS.

If you have general questions about CAPS, please contact Robin Pagliuco at

CAPS Presentations and Resources

CAPS Webinar: HRA Redesign of Application System for Coordinated Entry, Presented on June 30, 2020

To view the recorded webinar presentation, please visit the Webex here.

To view the PowerPoint slides, please click here.