Letters of Support

The NYC Continuum of Care (NYC CoC) may support community members in pursuit of other sources of funding for their programs.

2021 Empire State Supporting Housing Initiative (ESSHI) Request for Proposal

NYC CoC Letter of Support Request Deadline extended: Tuesday, Sept. 28

New York State is issuing the 2021 Request for Proposal (RFP) for the development and operation of at least 1,400 new units of Supportive Housing for persons identified as homeless with special needs, conditions, or other life challenges in New York City. The 2021 ESSHI RFP application deadline is Oct. 6. For more information on the ESSHI opportunity of funding, please visit NY State's website

If you intend to request a NYC CoC Letter of Support for the 2021 ESSHI RFP, please submit via SurveyMonkey by Sept. 28. Please note that no late submissions will be accepted. 

Request a NYC CoC Letter of Support by completing the ESSHI RFP SurveyMonkey form.

If you have questions about this survey or require further assistance please contact Merih Anil at anilm@dss.nyc.gov.

Please be sure to read the ESSHI RFP carefully and reach out to NY State Office of Mental Health (OMH) if you have any questions or issues.
OMH Point of Contact: Carol Swiderski


General NYC CoC Letters of Support

If you are interested in receiving a letter of support, please submit your request at the start of your process but at least seven business days prior to the non-CoC RFP deadline, unless otherwise directed by the CoC. Please note during the HUD NOFA, CoC Evaluation, or other high-volume work periods, additional time may be needed to fulfill your request. Completed letter of support will be emailed to the person requesting the letter regardless of who it is addressed to (e.g. a consultant requesting a letter on behalf of another person and or agency).

Please use the following form to request a letter of support from the NYC CoC. This form can be used for all funding opportunities that require letters of support as a part of your application package.

Request a NYC CoC Letter of Support for funding opportunities by completing the SurveyMonkey form.

Upon completion of this form, please notify Merih Anil via email (anilm@dss.nyc.gov) that you have submitted a request.