The business of the NYC Continuum of Care is managed by the Steering Committee which consists of government partners, coalitions, consumer advocates, stakeholder members, together with the three co-chairs.

This page will be regularly updated with news and information about the ongoing governance review and restructuring.

The following specific issues will be addressed:

  • Defining membership
  • Establishing guidelines for coalitions
  • Establishing a structure for consumer participation that is both effective and informative
  • Guidelines related to conflict of interest and recusal
  • Ensuring that items included in the Strategic Action Plan have formal mechanisms for moving forward

If you have questions or comments about the governance review, please email

2020 NYC CoC Governance Structure

The NYC CoC Steering Committee adopted a new Governance Structure on August 16th. The coalition aims to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the association in meeting CoC needs.  Read the New Governance Structure.

The newly formed Steering Committee is responsible for implementing the strategic plan developed by the Advisory Council. This governing body manages the Continuum with a goal to prevent and eradicate homelessness in NYC.