Youth Committee

The Youth Committee is a Special Committee of the NYC Continuum of Care (CoC). Formed in 2012, the Youth Committee of the NYC CoC is composed of housing providers, advocates, government representatives, and persons with lived experience of homelessness. This committee meets monthly to discuss youth-specific topics as related to activities of the CoC and HUD. Members of the Youth Committee help to infuse best practices of working with youth into the broader CoC as well as promote funding opportunities for new organizations to adopt youth-focused housing interventions such as Rapid Re-Housing.


Co-Chairs Contact Information

CoC Youth Committee is seeking a new co-chair! Please see details below:

Time Commitment – 4-6 hours monthly

Tasks include:

  • Attending and facilitating monthly committee meeting
  • Preparing agendas, taking notes + sending minutes to DSS
  • Creating and implementing annual goals with committee members
  • Liaising between DSS staff and youth committee
  • Participating in YHDP activities/committees
  • Co-chair should have some familiarity with the CoC and HMIS

Submit your name or recommend someone to Joe Westmacott at

Membership & Meeting Information

Information to be published.


Youth Committee Meeting Summaries

Below is the list of 2020 meeting summaries:



Young Adult Rapid Re-Housing Workgroup

More information to be published.