Resource & Training

Foothold Mandatory Training for CoC Funded Projects

Foothold hosted Mandatory Trainings for CoC funded Projects. The trainings were approximately 3 hours in length with a focus on the new FY2020 Data Standard changes that will be effective October 1, 2019. In keeping with the train the trainer approach, agencies are expected to instruct other users on their CoC funded projects. 


  1. The training was geared towards Program Directors and Senior Case Managers who use AWARDS as their primary data entry system.
  2. This training covered the following areas of AWARDS: Intake/Admission, Annual Updates, Discharge, Bed Inventory, Uploads, and Reports.

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Non-AWARDS (Data Warehouse Only)

  1. The training was geared towards Program Directors, Senior Case Manager as well as System Administrators who upload from Non-AWARDS software into the New York City HMIS data warehouse.
  2. This training focused on all the new HMIS data elements and how they need to be collected, as well as the new FY2020 CSV standards organization and usage.

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For general questions about HMIS or the FY 2020 webinar please contact Roxanna Deleon.