Annual Evaluation

Evaluation Process

Each year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) releases a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) detailing the requirements for applying for Continuum of Care (CoC) Program funding. In response to performance related requirements, the NYC Continuum of Care (NYC CoC) annually evaluates all HUD CoC funded projects. The purpose of this Evaluation is to ensure adherence to current HUD priorities and standards, provide a detailed review of project level performance, and inform the project ranking used in the annual NOFA application. 

Evaluation questions are scored on the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY). Projects not renewed in the annual NOFA do not participate in the evaluation process. All new projects are exempt from the annual evaluation in the first year of operation, and must be in operation for one full FFY before being evaluated. Projects are responsible for complete and accurate data in the NYC HMIS Data Warehouse and the NYC CoC Survey which reflects local priorities.

The Evaluation Committee is responsible for annually refining the CoC's evaluation process and criteria, with an eye on continued alignment with HUD benchmarks and guidelines, and improving clarity and transparency in the evaluation process. For additional information, see the "Evaluation Committee" in the "Committees" area under the "About" section of this website. You may also review the documents below. Check back here on a regular basis for additional information and updates on upcoming annual Evaluations.

2020 Evaluation Results, Documents, and Resources

2020 Final Evaluation Results(PDF)

Link to 2020 Evaluation Information Webinar
2020 Evaluation Information Presentation(PPtx)
2020 Evaluation Instructions(PDF)
2020 Evaluation FAQs(PDF)
2020 Evaluation Changes Highlights(PDF)
2020 Evaluation Tool(PDF)
Link to 2020 Evaluation Survey
Reference Document of 2020 Evaluation Survey(PDF)
Link to 2020 Domestic Violence Survey
Reference Document of 2020 Domestic Violence Evaluation Survey(PDF)
Link to 2020 Evaluation RRH HMIS Survey
Reference Document of 2020 Evaluation RRH Survey(PDF)
Link to 2020 Evaluation TH-RRH HMIS Survey
Reference Document of 2020 Evaluation TH-RRH Survey(PDF)

2020 NYC CCoC Evaluation Process Timeline

Evaluation Committee meeting to review Recommended Changes to 2020 Evaluation November 2019
Approval of HMIS Evaluation Tool, SurveyMonkey Local Priorities Evaluation Survey and Instructions/Process document by Steering Committee via electronic vote November 2019
SurveyMonkey Local Priorities Evaluation Survey + Automated HMIS Evaluation Tool Opens for Data Collection December 4, 2019
Evaluation Information Webinar December 4, 2019
2020 Evaluation Instructions, FAQs, and hard copies of SurveyMonkey Local Priorities Evaluation Survey, Automated HMIS Evaluation Tool, and Information Session presentation distributed December 4, 2019
Projects selected for Audit are notified December 6, 2019
NYC DSS Evaluation “Office Hours” for Evaluation Q&A Week of December 2nd, 2019 and December 9th,2019
SurveyMonkey Online Evaluation Survey Due
December 27, 2019
Data Adjustment Period and Audit Begins December 30, 2019
Preliminary Results* January 13, 2020
Debrief Call on Preliminary Results • January 21, 4-5pm
• January 22, 10-11am
• January 23, 3-4pm
• January 24, 11am-Noon

Please contact Charlie Winkler to confirm attendance. Dial-In #: 929-221-0010; 6183
Audit and Data Adjustment Period Ends January 31, 2020
Updated Preliminary Results (Based on Data Adjustments) Febuary 7, 2020
Appeals Submission Deadline February 14, 2020
Program Notified on Status of Appeals February 21, 2020
Final Evaluation Results February 28, 2020
*Start of updated Evaluation Timeline

2019 Evaluation Documents and Resources

Archive 2019 Evaluation Information:
2019 Evaluation Results(PDF)
2019 Evaluation Debrief (PDF)
2019 Evaluation Tool (PDF)
2019 Evaluation Process Instructions (PDF)