Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP)

The Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program

The Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) is a federal funded initiative administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Communities selected to participate in YHDP through a highly competitive process are provided with funding and technical assistance to complete an intensive six-to-nine-month planning process and then implement a Coordinated Community Plan to prevent and end youth and young adult (YYA) homelessness. HUD funding is intended to support only a portion of the plan with the additional support coming from local and state sources, both public and private.

YHDP is unique in that it is uses a shared-ownership model. HUD requires that the community include a broad range of partners in decision-making, including young people with lived homelessness experience. Without partner support, HUD will not approve the community’s plan nor release their funding.

NYC applied and was selected to participate in Round 4 of YHDP in September 2021. NYC received $15 million, the largest YHDP award in the program’s history. Implementation is expected to last for two years following HUD’s approval of the City’s Coordinated Community Plan. After that time, YHDP funding is eligible for renewal on an annual basis under the City’s Continuum of Care program.

Request for Proposals (RFP)

The RFP for new projects is live! The YHDP team anticipates awarding contracts for up to four project types for a total of up to $7,333,000 per year.

YHDP RFP - 2022 (.pdf) 

YHDP RFP - Addendum #1 (.pdf)

YHDP RFP - Addendum #2 - Responses to Questions Received (.pdf) (new!)

*Please review the RFP linked here for project requirements before starting the application forms below

Applications due date: May 13, 2022 at 5:00PM EST 

Bidders' Conference: April 21, 2022 at 2:00PM EST (conference PowerPoint slides.pdf) (conference recording.mp4)

Question submission deadline: April 29, 2022 at 5:00PM, send questions to

Notification of awards: June 3, 2022

Submit your application to:

YHDP Application Form (Updated!)

YHDP RFP Budget Templates

Coordinated Community Plan

The Coordinated Community Plan is a community’s strategy to prevent and end youth and young adult homelessness. It is comprehensive, covering topics such as stable housing, education and employment, health and wellbeing, community connections, and systems improvement, and it addresses prevention, early intervention, crisis support, and both medium and long-term housing and services. It also focuses on key populations, including those who have been historically marginalized, experience homelessness at greater rates than their peers, and whose experiences are more severe. Those groups include but are not limited to, Black Indigenous and other young People of Color, LGBTQ+ young people, young people involved in public city and state systems, immigrant young people, pregnant and parenting youth, minors, and young people who have been commercially sexually exploited.

The Plan will include a bold vision for what the city should look like with respect to youth and young adults and their housing stability. It will include broad-reaching goals for achieving that vision, clearly identify community needs, and articulate specific objectives and action steps that are achievable, address our needs, and lead us on a path to reaching our goals.

The Coordinated Community Plan will be a living document. It will include a governance structure and continuous quality improvement strategy that will allow the community to track our progress, provide oversight, receive feedback, and improve the plan over time. We expect it to be regularly reviewed and updated as we learn more about the effect of its prescribed actions and as our City changes over time.

We will link to the final plan here as soon as it is approved by our community partners and HUD. Stay tuned.


To develop the Coordinated Community Plan, the YHDP planning process incorporated many stakeholders. Lead by the Planning Committee, the YHDP hosted six Subject Matter Expert Convenings and a myriad of other engagements over the past nine months. The Planning Committee is the decision-making body for the YHDP and represents a broad range of public and private entities including the NYC Youth Action Board. Members include:


Cole Giannone - NYC Office of Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services  

Jessica Raithel - NYC Department of Youth and Community Development 


Adam Schreiber - NYC Department of Social Services, NYC Continuum of Care

Amy Wilkerson - Sheltering Arms

Constance Barry - Jericho Project

Dr. Andrew Pearson - Project Renewal

Eileen Johns - NYC Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence

Elizabeth Garcia - Good Shepherd Services

Elizabeth Sutter - Youth Action Board

Eric Lee Homeless - Services United

Jamie Powlovich - Coalition for Homeless Youth

Jenn Strashnick - Covenant House New York

Luis Ortiz - NYC Department of Homeless Services

Jha'asryel-Akquil Bishop - CoC Co-Chair

Joe Westmacott - Safe Horizon Streetwork Project

John Kimble - NYC Fund to End Youth & Family Homelessness

Key King - Youth Action Board

Kristen Mitchell - DSS/CoC

Lyndon Hernandez - Youth Action Board

Maddox Guerilla - Consultant and former Youth Action Board co-chair

Matt Morton - Chapin Hall

Mike Hickey - NYC Department of Education

Nivea Jackson - NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Paul Williams/Sophia Heller - NYC Administration for Children’s Services

Randy Scott/Tracey Thorne - NYC Department of Youth and Community Development

Sara Zuiderveen - NYC Human Resources Administration

Theresa Moser - Legal Aid Society

How to Get Involved

Implementing our Coordinated Community Plan will take the participation of a diverse group of stakeholders. Our hope is that both new and old partners will see themselves and their missions represented in the Plan and will join us in our efforts to prevent and end YYA homelessness. If you are interested in learning more about how you or your organization might become more involved, please email Cole ( and Jessica (

Crisis Response

If you, a friend, or family member are currently experiencing a crisis, please call NYC Well. You can also go to DYCD Runaway & Homeless Youth to learn more about the resources available to young people experiencing homelessness or housing instability in NYC.