Capital Projects

Support Services

Vice President for Support Services and Quality Management Department: Celeste Morgan Glenn

Support Services is made up of a number of departments that assist Capital Projects with its mission: Administration, Analysis and Reporting, Quality Assurance Compliance and training, and Construction Safety and Quality.


The Administration Department supports the operational areas of CPD through contractor payments, human resources and logistical management. This Department also monitors CPD's Personal Services Budget. The Administration Department processes, tracks and audits payments to CPD's vendors. It serves as the liaison to the agency's Human Resources Department and manages CPD's hiring and timekeeping processes. In addition, the Administration Department manages CPD's reception areas and field offices, oversees the Central File Unit and maintains CPD's inventory of supplies and equipment.

Analysis and Reporting

The Analysis and Reporting Department supports the operational areas of CPD through data collection and analysis and database management. Analysis and Reporting perform statistical and financial analyses on data related to CPD's portfolio (including statuses of modernization projects, contractor evaluations, guarantees and warranties of contract work and frontline charges). It also develops and maintains computer applications to track activities and support CPD's operational and administrative units.

Quality Assurance Compliance and Training

The Quality Assurance Compliance and Training Department monitor CPD and contractor compliance with NyCHA processes, procedures, municipal and federal regulations and contract specifications. The Compliance Department reviews internal processes that support construction work, such as payments, usage of scheduling software and data reporting. Where applicable, Quality Assurance makes recommendations for improvement and monitors the implementation of remediation efforts.

NYCHA's Engineering Officer is housed in Quality Assurance and is responsible for reviewing contract work and payment requests for City-funded construction work.

The Training Department evaluates, coordinates, monitors and recommends efficient and cost-effective training and professional development courses to help CPD staff stay abreast of the latest industry standards and practices.

Construction Safety and Quality

The Construction Safety and Quality Department performs independent site inspections of all active CPD construction sites to ensure that work is performed in a safe manner, in compliance with regulatory agency requirements, and that the quality of work is in line with best practices and contract specifications. It also reviews contractor Site Safety Program submissions to ensure that these vendors are aware of and plan to adhere to NYCHA site rules and procedures.

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