Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Performance Management and Analytics

Vice President: Anne-Marie Flatley

The Performance Management and Analytics (PMA) Division provides support to the Executive and operational departments in the areas of quantitative (data analysis and reporting), qualitative (surveys and focus groups), and spatial (maps) analytics. Specifically, PMA supports NYCHA through data collection and analysis; tactical studies; policy impact analysis; performance metrics development and reporting; survey research; and forecasting.

Customer Operations mission is to provide excellent customer service by quickly and professionally responding to inquiries, as well as identifying the genesis of the issues by:

  • Determining the root causes of all requests
  • Closely monitoring and analyzing data for operational trends
  • Sharing and reporting findings and information with administering departments

The Performance Tracking and Analytics Department (PTAD) mission is to provide best-in-class business analytic support to assist NYCHA’s Executive Staff and Departments successfully execute long-term strategic goals and achieve day to day operational effectiveness and efficiency. The department also ensures the Authority’s compliance with reporting for HUD and New York City, and promotes a data driven culture that improves decision making at all levels of the Authority.