Expanding and Preserving Public Housing

Expanding Affordable Housing

Expanding affordable housing and leveraging NYCHA's real estate assets to preserve public housing will help achieve safe, clean, and connected communities for current and future public housing residents. NextGeneration NYCHA, the Authority’s ten-year strategic plan, sets forth a comprehensive strategy to accomplish these goals through leveraging real estate assets, building financial stability and sustainability, becoming an efficient and effective landlord, and maintaining resident engagement and quality service.

Since 2004, NYCHA has expanded the availability of affordable housing in collaboration with the City's Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and Housing Development Corporation. NYCHA is currently identifying potential sites that will contribute toward Mayor de Blasio's goal of building or preserving 200,000 affordable housing units.

After engaging residents and the surrounding community in discussion about proposed construction, NYCHA and HPD will continue to issue requests for proposals for the creation of affordable family and senior housing units on available sites. CPD is responsible for investment of capital based on sound financial and technical objectives that ensures long term planning and daily maintenance operations are aligned.  It is charged with developing NYCHA’s Five-Year Capital Plan, in conjunction with the Property Management Department, to ensure Authority priorities and capital needs.

Where real estate values are high and revenue can be generated through mixed-use and mixed-income development, NYCHA will apply lease payments or sales proceeds toward capital improvements that preserve existing public housing units.

Through housing development, NYCHA will promote design excellence to improve the quality of NYCHA's interior spaces. Where zoning permits, NYCHA will activate the street level of NYCHA's campuses with retail commerce. While affordable housing developed in the last ten years has accommodated mostly low-income residents within the community, NYCHA has reinforced requirements for developers to ensure that eligible NYCHA residents are offered training and employment opportunities in construction as well as building management and retail establishments after construction.

Preserving Public Housing

NYCHA's 177,700 apartments have provided safe, decent, and affordable public housing to New Yorkers since 1934. Eighty percent of our buildings are more than 40 years old. Several are over 70 years old.

Keeping them in good condition requires ongoing maintenance and extensive capital improvements. Capital construction projects are essential to modernize and improve our developments and to ensure their viability for current and future generations of residents.

The Capital Projects Division (CPD) is committed to preserving and modernizing public housing for NYCHA residents by providing professional design and construction services efficiently and with the highest level of safety and quality.  With federal investments and funds from New York State and City elected officials, CPD manages a diverse portfolio of construction projects that includes brick and roof upgrades, boiler replacements, security cameras and fire alarm system installations.

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Available Apartments & Homes

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is committed to providing affordable housing opportunities for low to medium-income New Yorkers. In line with the Authority’s strategic Plan NYCHA, which includes a long-term development strategy for the entire NYCHA portfolio, including all land and development assets that could potentially accommodate new housing, NYCHA is forging key partnerships with sister agencies and social-minded developers, that maximize the use of NYCHA land to develop affordable and mixed-income housing for many more New Yorkers in need.

PSS/WSF Grandparent Family Apartments in Morrisania, Bronx
2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments are available.