NextGeneration Neighborhoods

Centered on resident and community stakeholder engagement, the NextGen Neighborhoods program enables NYCHA to generate revenue to reinvest back into our development sites and across NYCHA by leveraging a 50-50 split of market-rate and affordable housing units. Stakeholder input will inform the size, scope and potential revenues generated by the construction of new housing units. Residents will have a voice in setting the priorities for capital repairs at the buildings participating in the NextGen Neighborhoods program.

NYCHA ensures that these new developments have 50 percent of new units dedicated to families earning no more than 60 percent of Area Median Income (approximately $51,540 for a family of three in 2017). Based on a preliminary analysis, NYCHA estimates that this program could generate $300 to $600 million over 10 years, which would be dedicated to improvement projects in the adjacent development and to ensuring the Authority’s financial sustainability.

NYCHA will provide selected development teams with a long-term ground lease while retaining full ownership of the land. HPD will oversee the affordability requirements laid out in the 99-year ground leases of the privately managed buildings within the new developments. NYCHA residents will have preference for 25 percent of the affordable apartments through HPD’s housing lottery. As part of the lease terms, the developers must train and hire NYCHA residents and proactively engage residents on a regular basis as the projects move forward.

All new development projects involve a transparent resident engagement process at developments, where all stakeholders can provide input and take part in deciding what is brought to their communities. The Authority continues to facilitate an ongoing dialogue and regularly seek resident feedback about the program’s overall goals. As a community-driven process, resident ideas, priorities and expectations will be at the forefront as NYCHA shares information, listens and addresses resident concerns as engagement moves forward.

Primary communication goals of this process:

  • Transparency: clearly identify specific outcomes proposed for each development site from the onset.

  • Priority Setting: collect resident input on their vision and goals for their community.

  • Trade-offs: outline direct and indirect benefits and constraints of the program in relation to priorities set by residents.

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Upcoming Development Projects

NYCHA and HPD recently selected development teams at Holmes Towers and Wyckoff Gardens to build approximately 844 housing units. Both development projects will have 50 percent market-rate and 50 percent affordable housing for low-income households earning up to 60 percent of the Area Median Income. NYCHA expects to receive a projected $62 million through these transactions. The proposed development at Holmes will also include new playgrounds, open space, and a new recreational and community center for local residents. The proposed development at Wyckoff will provide 11,000 square feet of retail space, including a restaurant and training facility, and 1,000 square feet of social service space.

NYCHA and HPD recently released a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a mixed-use, mixed-income building at La Guardia Houses. The RFP was informed by a significant planning and engagement process with NYCHA residents that began in April 2017 and that will continue through developer selection, pre-development, construction and leasing. The recommendations identified through this engagement process are captured in the Community Visioning document.

NYCHA is currently leading a resident engagement process at Cooper Park Houses to inform the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) in spring 2018. The selection of a developer is expected by the end of 2018. The education and engagement period will run throughout the development process.

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