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Multi-Million Dollar Funding Announced for Security Cameras at Bronx NYCHA Complexes

Installations at Pelham Parkway and Throggs Neck Houses to begin in 2013

After growing safety concerns among residents at the New York City Housing Authority’s Pelham Parkway and Throggs Neck Houses, Council Member James Vacca was able to secure $1.6 million in City Council capital funds this fiscal year, and a commitment to invest an additional $3 million the next two fiscal years. These funds will be dedicated to the installation of security cameras and targeted layered access at the two complexes.

Currently, no security cameras exist at either development. Officers investigating the recent murder of Evelyn Shapiro believe that security cameras would have aided in their search for the murder suspect. Installation is expected to begin in early 2013.

“This funding is only the beginning of vital safety enhancements for residents of Pelham Parkway and Throggs Neck Houses,” said Council Member James Vacca. “It is a down payment on what will be a series of investments in security for residents who have seen growing crime rates in their neighborhoods. Security cameras are critical safety tools, both for deterring crime, and for helping police identify suspects in the aftermath of crime. Obtaining this funding was an absolute priority for me.”

"The New York City Housing Authority is working with our resident leaders, local NYPD partners, and elected officials through its Safety and Security Program to ensure that we do everything we can to provide a safe and secure environment for our residents,” said NYCHA Chairman John B. Rhea. “A vibrant, self-sufficient community with a healthy quality of life is the goal we have for all of our developments. We thank Council Member Vacca to responding to our call for assistance in meeting this challenge."

"Having cameras in all of our buildings will help to reduce the crime rate here at Throggs Neck Houses,” said Monique Johnson, President of the Resident Council at Throggs Neck Houses. “It will also help the residents to feel more secure in their development. Putting cameras in our buildings will increase the quality of life for our community. The residents of Throggs Neck Houses would like to thank the Councilman for making this all possible!"

“At community meetings held after Evelyn’s death the residents clearly asked that this kind of security system be put in place and Councilman James Vacca responded,” said Brad Silver, Executive Vice President, Bronx Jewish Community Council. “We wish to thank Councilman Vacca for his efforts in securing funds which will provide several million dollars over the next three years to cover the cost of the cameras and security system that will serve the residents of both the Pelham Parkway and Throggs Neck Houses.”

"On behalf of the residents of Pelham Parkway Houses, the Executive Board Officers of the Pelham Parkway Resident Council, I would like to thank our City Council Member James Vacca, for providing the funds which will begin the process of getting a state-of-the art layered access control security system installed in our public housing development,” said Herma Williams, President of the Pelham Parkway Residents Association. “Every resident wants to feel safe and secure in the place they call home, especially when entering and leaving their apartments or their buildings. Although we all know about the most recent murder of our neighbor, Mrs. Evelyn Shapiro, let us not forget about the visitors or other residents of Pelham Houses, both young and old, who unfortunately fell victim to horrible violent crimes over the past several years. As we honor the memory of Mrs. Shapiro, let us also remember them.

On June 16, 88-year-old Evelyn Shapiro was found murdered in her Pelham Parkway Houses apartment at 2455 Williamsbridge Road, raising safety concerns among residents, the NYPD, and local elected officials. The police continue to investigate the murder and have offered a $12,000 reward to anyone with information that could lead the police to whoever killed Shapiro.