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NYCHA Begins $69 Million in Capital Improvements and Renovations

New roofs, brickwork, boiler systems and construction will improve 16 developments that house 36,000 NYCHA residents

The New York City Housing Authority has begun $69 million in capital improvements beginning in October 2012 at 16 developments, which will result in repairs to roofs, boiler systems, bathrooms and other upgrades for more than 36,000 NYCHA residents over the next six months. The work is part of the NYCHA’s 2012 Capital Plan and is funded by the federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) capital grants. Ongoing renovations to both the interior and exterior of NYCHA buildings and apartments are needed to keep them structurally sound and in a state of good repair.

“Despite a 35 percent drop in federal funding, NYCHA continues to spend its money wisely, on time- and in the best interests of residents," said NYCHA Chairman John B. Rhea. “Major upgrades are needed regularly to ensure that heating, plumbing, and other systems continue to function properly, especially since NYCHA buildings are aging structures – 70 percent of our buildings are more than 40 years old.”

Work underway includes:

  • Replacement of boilers at the Edenwald Houses in the Bronx using nearly $5 million in capital funds;
  • Exterior brickwork at Red Hook East Houses in Brooklyn with $6 million in capital funds;
  • Electrical service upgrade at the Douglass Houses in Manhattan using nearly $16 million in capital funds;
  • Beginning replacement of underground steam lines at the Riis and Elliot-Chelsea Houses in Manhattan using nearly $12 million in capital funds.
  • Other capital projects beginning in 2012 include bathroom renovations at the Taft Houses ($1.2 million); and elevator rehabilitation/modernization at Breukelen Houses ($7.5 million).

Chairman Rhea also outlined a proposal last month at an Association for a Better New York breakfast in September to utilize $500 million from a proposed capital fund bond issued under HUD’s Capital Fund Financing Program in 2013. This would pay for desperately needed, comprehensively executed roof and brickwork repairs over the next 12 to 36 months. Another benefit will be improved resident safety through the elimination of miles of sidewalk sheds (scaffolding), which is not only unsightly, but also often imposing and ominous. Complete roof replacement, together with facade work, brickwork, and parapet reconstruction, is planned at approximately 350 buildings in over 40 developments in all five boroughs with plans to begin in 2013.

NYCHA is also implementing a Capital Plan to obligate its annual federal funding for Capital Projects in 18 months, as opposed to currently HUD mandated 24 months and also attain its expenditures targets for those projects in 36 months as opposed to currently HUD mandated 48-months. Enhancements to NYCHA’s current planning and process management practices are underway to facilitate these new targeted timelines.

NYCHA has consistently met all HUD mandated guidelines for obligating and spending capital funds. Over the past three years, the agency has made more than $1.5 billion in capital investments – including $423million in federal Stimulus funding for capital improvements that enhanced the quality of life for 140,000 families. Capital projects are selected for inclusion in the agency’s 5-year capital plan based upon information from NYCHA’s physical needs assessment (PNA), in-house design staff, and requests from NYCHA’s Property Management Department, among others. This is an ongoing process of data collection and analysis, and NYCHA updates its 5-year capital plan and prioritizes the available funds annually.

Here is a complete NYCHA Capital Project List for Oct.- Dec. 2012 work:

  • Replacement of Boilers at Edenwald Houses ($4.9M)
  • Replacement of Boilers at E. 180th St. ($1.9M)
  • Building Entrance Improvements at East 173rd St.-Vyse Ave. ($1.4M)
  • Exterior Brickwork at Sumner Houses ($3.9M)
  • Exterior Brickwork at Red Hook East ($6.1M)
  • Roof Replacement & Brickwork at East NYC Line ($1M)
  • Exterior Brickwork at Red Hook West ($2.8M)
  • Elevator Rehab at Breukelen Houses ($7.5M)
  • Exterior Brickwork at Riis Houses ($3.4M)
  • Replacement of Boilers at 131 St. Nicholas Ave. ($1.5M)
  • Replacement of Boilers at Washington Heights III ($800K)
  • Electrical Service Upgrade at Douglass Houses ($15.9M)
  • Replacement of Boilers at Washington Houses ($2.9M)
  • Bathroom Renovations at Taft Rehab ($1.2M)
  • Replacement of underground steam lines at Riis Houses and Elliot Houses ($11.6M)
  • Replacement of Boilers at the Lexington Houses ($1.86M)
About the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA):

NYCHA provides decent and affordable housing in a safe and secure living environment for low and moderate- income residents in New York City. NYCHA serves approximately 420,000 public housing residents across 334 developments in all 5 boroughs. To fulfill this mission, NYCHA must preserve its aging housing stock through timely maintenance and modernization of its developments. NYCHA also administers a citywide Section 8 Leased Housing Program in rental apartments. Simultaneously, we work to enhance the quality of life at NYCHA by offering our residents opportunities to participate in a multitude of community, educational and recreational programs, as well as job readiness and training initiatives.