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NYCHA Launches Strategic Plan Online

Plan NYCHA: A Roadmap for Preservation at

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) recently unveiled its strategic plan called Plan NYCHA: A Roadmap for Preservation, a call to action to employees, residents and all our partners to ensure that public housing remains available for current and future generations of New Yorkers. NYCHA has just launched a website, to continue engaging employees, residents and all of partners as NYCHA tackles some of the biggest challenges it has faced in its 78-year history.

“The more people know about the exciting and impactful work we’re doing at NYCHA, the more support and momentum we’ll gather as we continue our collaborative effort to strengthen and preserve public housing for future generations,” said NYCHA Chairman John B. Rhea

NYCHA faces unprecedented challenges – from overwhelming funding shortages; to an aging and decaying housing stock; to a growing wait list of almost 161,000 families for public housing, and about 125,000 families awaiting a Section 8 voucher. The Authority is leading the charge to meet these obstacles head on with new initiatives already underway, but with an understanding that a major transformation is needed both within the NYCHA organization and throughout the supporting environment, joining in collaboration to preserve New York City public housing.

The website will be a critical part of that evolutionary process, giving visitors an overview of NYCHA’s strategic plan and key initiatives moving forward and serving as a destination for news and progress reports throughout the implementation of Plan NYCHA initiatives. It offers a number of interactive features that expand on the published report, including a feedback form for visitors to give comments about the plan and the site itself, frequently asked questions and answers about quality of life and funding issues, and an opportunity for visitors to vote on which of the ten imperatives outlined in the plan is most important to them.