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Clear On Data: More Transparent NYCHA Posts Metrics Online

Repairs Progress, Financial Trends Are Among Data on View

As the New York City Housing Authority moves forward with a commitment to greater transparency, NYCHA today launched NYCHA Metrics on its public-facing website found here.

The new NYCHA Metrics webpage will be updated monthly, providing fresh accurate information on the number of open work orders NYCHA is addressing by development, wait times for routine repair, maintenance and skilled trades work; Section 8 Housing, vacancy rates and more.

“We’re sharing our data month to month and building more trust day by day,” Chair Olatoye said.

“Making NYCHA more transparent is one essential part of my customer service focused agenda which also includes greater accountability,” Chair Olatoye continued. “We’re accountable to our hundreds of thousands of residents who can now see our progress as a landlord and to the general public that can now gain a better perspective on NYCHA’s integral role in New York City.”

Posts in NYCHA Metrics include:

  • The number of open work orders NYCHA is addressing by development
  • How quickly service requests are handled by trade
  • The size of the wait list for public housing
  • Occupancy and vacancy rates by development
  • Where Section 8 housing is most prevalent

“We’re building interactive features that continually update to keep the data fresh and relevant,” explained Bob Marano, NYCHA’s Executive Vice President for IT.

NYCHA has prioritized reducing a backlog of open maintenance and repair work orders, and current NYCHA Metrics tell the story: open work orders dropped to 81,487 in June 2014 from 271,700 in April 2013; and the average wait for routine maintenance repairs has dropped to 4 from 129 days in the same period a year ago.

For more information about the New York City Housing Authority, visit the NYCHA web site and find development profiles, demographics, information about services and procedures, answers to frequently asked questions about public housing, event listings, links to apply for Section 8 leased housing, and much more.